Whirlpool WHD560CHW dryer review

The Whirlpool WHD560CHW is a premium electric dryer that is ventless.

Whirlpool WHD560CHW dryer review
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The Whirlpool WHD560CHW is pricey, but offers great performance for an electric dryer and is an excellent ventless option.


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    Large drum size


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    Long drying times

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The Whirlpool WHD560CHW is a ventless dryer that’s on the pricey side and comparable vented models, like the LG DLE7300VE, can offer significant savings while still providing excellent dryer capacity. 

There are plenty of situations where a vented dryer just isn’t suitable though; some condos require ventless dryers to be used and some homeowners just aren’t able to add vents for a new dryer. Or maybe you just find the easier installation of a ventless dryer means this feature is an absolute must-have.

The Whirlpool WHD560CHW is pretty big, however, so it might not be the right choice for you if you have a small space either. Check out our round up of the best dryers available now for a selection of dryers suitable for both compact spaces and families too.

The Whirlpool WHD560CHW is Energy Star rated, which will help keep energy bills low. However, it is worth noting that as a ventless model, it does take longer to dry loads so this may balance out some of the savings.

Whirlpool WHD560CHW: Pricing and value 

At around $1,400, the Whirlpool WHD560CHW is easily up there with the most expensive models we’ve reviewed. It’s $600 more expensive than the LG DLE7300VE, which offers a very similar drum capacity, plus a whole host of smart home features, but it is a vented model. If ventless isn’t a requirement for you, then you can save a lot of money by opting for a vented model with a similar level of features. 

However, the Whirlpool WHD560CHW is a durable dryer with a range of controls and moisture sensors for customizable drying options. It also offers great drying results, even if it takes a little longer to get there. It can even help save on energy costs through its HybridCare™ technology, which enables it to recycle and reclaim heat.

Whirlpool WHD560CHW: Features 

The Whirlpool WHD560CHW dryer comes with a range of features that are designed to make it easy to operate and produce great drying results. Its intuitive controls can guide you to the best cycle combination for your laundry load, or you can choose your own from up to 36 custom options. 

It also has a Wrinkle Shield™ option, which helps keep your clothes wrinkle-free. It does this by keeping the load tumbling for up to just over two hours after the cycle ends, so your clothes don’t sit in a pile as wrinkles set in. The Whirlpool WHD560CHW also utilizes three moisture sensors to track both moisture and temperature so it can adjust the drying time accordingly and prevent your clothes from over-drying.

The drum has a large capacity, 7.4 cubic feet, so it can handle large loads and bulky items like comforters with ease. It’s designed to more than adequately handle smaller loads too, by using quad baffles this dryer is able to tumble clothes in a randomized pattern. This allows items to open up more freely and makes the Whirlpool WHD560CHW effective with smaller loads. As a front load model, it’s easy to transfer your dry items straight from the drum into a laundry basket, which is particularly great when unloading large or bulky loads.

Whirlpool WHD560CHW dryer review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

The Whirlpool WHD560CHW also keeps energy costs as low as possible. It’s Energy Star rated, which means it exceeds government set energy standards, and has eco-friendly settings, helping you lower your environmental impact too.

This dryer doesn’t require professional installation, just make sure you have a 240V electric outlet within 4 feet of where you wish to hook up your dryer and either a three or four-wire power supply cord, depending on your outlet. It has been created to fit into a 33-inch installation depth space.

What we like about the Whirlpool WHD560CHW are its quad baffles which turn the clothes in a variety of patterns so that your laundry can unfold and dry more quickly than simply spinning alone. If you need to raise the Whirlpool WHD560CHW off the ground, there’s a matching pedestal available. 

Whirlpool WHD560CHW: User reviews 

The Whirlpool WHD560CHW is a well-reviewed and well-liked dryer, but quite a few users do think it is on the expensive side. Overall, it scores an average of 4.3 out of 5 in customer reviews on Home Depot’s website, and 89% would recommend this dryer.

Some users note that it isn’t very quick to dry, but the ventless nature of this dryer makes it much more convenient. Others note that it takes longer to dry laundry than a vented model, but they still really like the Whirlpool WHD560CHW: “Love this dryer. There is no noticeable rise in humidity levels. It works great and it's quiet. It does takes twice as long to dry an average load of laundry. However, we have no venting options, so the ventless feature is great.” Another user commented: “ If you are comparing this to a vented dryer you are probably going to find that it does not perform as well. But, compared to my old ventless dryer it is fantastic. It does not dry super fast but the time to dry is reasonable (1 hour plus for a medium load)”.

Some users found the Eco setting wasn’t powerful enough for drying bedding and others also found they needed to ‘babysit’ their laundry in order to avoid it becoming tangled and not drying properly. 

Should you buy the Whirlpool WHD560CHW?

The big downside of the Whirlpool WHD560CHW is its price. Compared to similar vented models it is a lot more expensive, but if ventless is a must and you have large loads to get through on laundry day, then the Whirlpool WHD560CHW is a great option.

The Whirlpool LDR3822PQ is another vented option, but it’s ideal for small spaces. It’s much more compact than the Whirlpool WHD560CHW, but if space is at a premium in your home then the stackable nature of this dryer could make it a much better fit for you.

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