Hoover Tempo WidePath U5140900 Review

The Hoover Tempo WidePath Bagged Upright is a budget vacuum that comes with a wide range of attachments, a powerful motor and a brush roll that works deep into carpet to release embedded dirt and pet hair.

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The Hoover Tempo WidePath is powerful and inexpensive, offering a great value.


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    This vacuum comes with a complete range of attachments for versatile cleaning.


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    Its powerful 12-amp motor runs at 93 decibels, the loudest among vacuums we tested.

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The Hoover Tempo WidePath Bagged Upright is a budget vacuum that comes with a wide range of attachments, a powerful motor and a brush roll that works deep into carpet to release embedded dirt and pet hair. The head of the vacuum is a wide 15 inches, meaning you can cover a lot of area in little time. Its suction, convenient features and low price make it the best budget vacuum we tested.

For our comparison of budget vacuums, we tested how well each of the vacuums we reviewed performed on low- and medium-pile carpeting. We sprinkled a variety of materials, including flour and kitty litter, as well as pet hair, which we embedded in thick carpet. In each test, this inexpensive vacuum performed well. The Tempo WidePath was one of the best vacuums for picking up pet hair. The 12-amp motor was powerful, and the rotating brushes in the head released pet hair and dander easily with fewer passes. This vacuum is the largest we reviewed and has the widest head, which makes it a good choice if you have larger rooms to clean.

One great feature the Hoover Tempo WidePath has is five different height-adjustment levels. The head adjusts for low-pile carpets, thicker carpets and flat, hard surfaces. This makes vacuuming much more efficient, especially if your home has carpet and tile, laminate or linoleum.

One drawback with this budget vacuum is that it doesn't let you engage or disengage the brush roll by itself. While the higher setting helps lift away debris from linoleum or tile, the brush roll gets in the way.

This is a great budget vacuum for cleaning and maintenance. It's a bagged model, meaning you don’t have to empty a dust cup and suffer the accompanying dust cloud. Once the bag is full, you can simply unclip it, throw it away and attach a new bag. This vacuum comes with rinseable filters. Of course, the downside to any bagged model is the additional cost that comes with having to buy bags as long as you own the machine. While this vacuum is easy to clean, it may cost you more in the long run.

This is not the most maneuverable upright we tested in the category, but it did OK. The head glides well on big rear wheels and doesn't require a lot of extra back and forth to move around furniture. The vacuums that have swiveling heads are easier to maneuver, though. The Tempo WidePath is heavy, so it isn't as easy as other models on our lineup to carry up and down stairs. Its wider and bulkier body also makes it less storable than more compact models.

Our biggest concern with this vacuum is its noise level. The Hoover WidePath has a powerful motor, and you can hear it. We measured the vacuum at a loud 93 decibels, which was the highest level we tested. No one expects a vacuum cleaner to be quiet, but this one is exceptionally loud. If you need a quieter option, consider the Shark Navigator.

The Hoover WidePath offers a range of extra tools that all fit neatly on the body of the vacuum. Because these accessories are stored on board, you spend less time searching for the right attachment. This vacuum comes with two extra extension wands that fit together onto the detachable hose, providing an expansive 8-foot reach. This makes it easier for reaching cobwebs in high ceiling corners and tight spaces and under furniture. It also houses a crevice and upholstery tool as well as a dusting brush, which allows you to clean tight nooks, high shelves or delicate curtains.

Hoover offers a standard one-year warranty on parts and service, which is not great, but considering the low cost of this unit you will not likely be fretting about your investment. If you run into any trouble with the vacuum, you can use the service center locator to find a repair shop in your area.

The Hoover Tempo WidePath is a versatile vacuum with several distinct on-board tools, a wide cleaning path and a powerful 12-amp motor. It handles a lot of different jobs around a home with different surfaces. It is harder to maneuver and store and, because of its power, is quite loud. Overall, this is a good, affordable vacuum for homeowners on a budget. It did a great job on our cleaning tests and only costs about $80.

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