Dyson Ball Animal 2 review

Impressive suction and cleaning power

Dyson Ball Animal 2 review
(Image: © Dyson)

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The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has a smooth-swiveling head and strong suction to deep clean on any type of flooring.


  • +

    A great vacuum for carpet

  • +

    Automatically retains strong suction

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    Fairly portable


  • -

    Struggles to get under furniture

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The Dyson Ball Animal 2 nearly had the best cleaning performance score and was a strong competitor in all aspects of our testing. This vacuum is designed to maintain strong suction on any type of surface and to do so automatically. The cleaning head retracts on thicker carpets and expands to be closer to the surface when on hardwood flooring to maintain cleaning power. Most of the best vacuum cleaners we tested struggled to clear the largest messes in a small number of passes, but the Dyson Ball Animal 2 cleaned thinner carpeting faster than any other unit we tested.

Dyson Ball Animal 2: Performance

The Animal 2 is great for getting around chair and table legs with its swiveling head. However, it is not as great for getting under beds or low-slung desks and tables. Competing units maintain contact with the floor so they can keep cleaning as they recline to get under obstacles. When you lower the body of the Animal 2, the head of the vacuum lifts off the floor, so you'll have to use its hose and other tools to clean under some furniture. If you prefer a vacuum cleaner that can glide under beds, check out the Miele Dynamic U1.

This Dyson vacuum lacks a headlight to help you see into dark corners. That is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it can be helpful for making sure you don't miss any messes. It manages to fit onboard tool storage, even in its very slender design. The long and flexible hose is easy to deploy, and you can use the combination crevice/brush tool to clean furniture and other tight spots.

This vacuum cleaner is fairly portable compared to the others we tested. It is above average for weight and a little bottom-heavy, but it was not too bad for taking up and down stairs. Having two separate handles helps.

The cleaning head is wider than average on the Animal 2, so it can cover a lot of ground quickly, saving you time. Unfortunately, this vacuum is also above average in price. However, there are lots of deep-cleaning vacuums that cost much, much more. Among the ones we tested, it is a little pricey, but it also offers exceptional suction.

Should you buy the Dyson Ball Animal 2?

This vacuum is on the pricey side, but we believe it’s worth it due to its exceptional cleaning performance. It has a ton of cleaning power on every surface. The cleaning head automatically adjusts to get thick and thin carpets equally clean, as well as hardwood floors. It does it all in very few passes, saving you time and trouble.

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