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Miele Dynamic U1 review

The Dynamic U1 has a ton of cleaning power and is built to trap allergens at every stage, but it an expensive option for most budgets.

Miele Dynamic U1 review
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Our Verdict

The Dynamic U1 is both powerful and quiet, but its high price is hard to stomach.


  • Smoothly swivels under and around obstacles
  • Quiet running
  • Great for allergies


  • One of the heaviest vacuums we tested
  • Expensive

The Miele Dynamic U1 was a master of maneuverability with very high cleaning scores in our comparison. It also has an uncomfortably high price for most budgets. If you are looking for a true upgrade, though, this is a contender for the best deep clean vacuum cleaner we tested.

The Miele Dynamic U1 was very good at cleaning all sorts of messes on all flooring types. Only a handful of the top machines cleaned more efficiently, and those only by a little. It mostly stood out for being the under-bed cleaning champion. It can be flat against the floor and the cleaning head is still making contact – and cleaning. The U1 also has a smooth-swiveling head that snakes around furniture with very little effort on the user's part.

Miele Dynamic U1: Main features

The Miele Dynamic U1 also does everything quietly. There was only one unit that made less sound while cleaning than this one. Vacuum cleaners could never be expected to operate silently, but it's nice to have a quieter one when you need to clean at weird times.

Miele Dynamic U1: Main features

The Miele U1 is great at vacuuming under beds.  (Image credit: Best Buy)

The U1 is not all that portable, though. There was only one vacuum cleaner we tested that was heavier than this one. Also, the U1 has just one handle. There is a lot of weight on that handle as you lug it up and down stairs, if you ever need to. If you live all on one level, this might be a great fit, though. If you need a more portable vacuum cleaner, check out our guide to the best vacuum cleaners for home use.

The Miele U1 can also be a great fit for allergy sufferers. All bagged units are better for containing dust particles, especially when it is time to empty because there is no dramatic cloud as the dust cup empties. Miele takes that even more seriously than most companies, with high quality HEPA bags that filter out even the tiniest particles to help free homes from allergens.

Should you buy the Miele U1? 

The Miele Dynamic U1 cleans efficiently on all surfaces and is built to contain dust and allergens. It also offers almost-silent operation and smooth movements around obstacles. With a high price tag, it is not that realistic on many budgets, though. It is also pretty heavy, so if you live in a home with lots of levels this could become a cumbersome cleaning companion.