LG DLE7300VE dryer review

The LG DLE7300VE is a WiFi-enabled dryer that’s energy-efficient and easy to use.

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The LG DLE7300VE is a smart home and WiFi-enabled dryer but it’s loud when operating and takes up a fair amount of space.


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    Dual door opening

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    WiFi capabilities


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    Not very compact

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The LG DLE7300VE dryer is a good option for busy families thanks to its smart home capabilities and its ability to automatically adjust drying times. By sensing the moisture levels in the drum, this dryer can put an end to having to babysit your loads. You can even start your laundry remotely thanks to the LG smartphone app.

This electric dryer is also Energy Star rated, so it can help keep monthly bills low. Larger capacity dryers tend to be less energy efficient, so it’s impressive that a 7.3 cu. ft capacity dryer is able to achieve better energy efficiency than some of its more compact competitors.

While it’s not the cheapest dryer in our round up of the best dryers, it’s still affordable and very reasonable for a dryer with a large drum capacity, great energy efficiency, and smart home capabilities too.

LG DLE7300VE: Pricing and value

The LG DLE7300VE is available for around $1,000, pushing it to the top end of the dryer market. Considering the range of features available and the large drum capacity, it offers good value for anyone with a lot of laundry to get through. Features-wise, it measures up well against the Whirlpool WHD560CHW, which is about $400 more expensive and doesn’t come with smart home features.

The LG DLE7300VE doesn’t have a steam feature which is disappointing. Steam functions tend to only be found in premium models, but this dryer does have its own wrinkle reduction technology.

It’s also worth keeping energy usage costs in mind. As an Energy Star rated appliance, the LG DLE7300VE operates with 20% lower energy consumption than many other models, even compact dryers, which tend to have lower energy consumption than their larger drum counterparts.

This dryer is more expensive than our budget dryer pick, the Whirlpool LDR3822PQ, which is priced at $700. However, it offers a much wider range of features and the larger drum size makes it more suitable for families and anyone with large amounts of laundry to get through.

LG DLE7300VE: Features

The LG DLE7300VE comes with a wide range of features that make it a great choice for busy households. Not only can the 7.3 cu. ft capacity drum help laundry day finish a bit quicker, but the versatile door opening makes loading and unloading easier too. Many dryers have a hamper-style door opening, they open from the bottom and help prevent clean laundry from falling on the floor. Others open from the side, which is great for unloading as you can simply place the basket under the door, creating a direct path from the opening to the laundry basket with no hamper door in the way. The LG DLE7300VE offers the best of both options with a door that can operate both as a hamper-style door and a side opening one too.

The LG DLE7300VE is also designed to allow you to get on with your day without having to check on the laundry load. Its Sensor Dry technology tracks moisture levels, so it can adjust drying times automatically and you won’t need to worry about damp clothes sitting in your dryer. The WiFi connectivity allows you to control your dryer from a smartphone app, so wherever you are, you can control the LG DLE7300VE. You can even connect it to Google Home or Alexa and control the dryer through a set of voice commands. On top of that, its Smart Diagnosis feature allows you to use the app to troubleshoot any problems.

This dryer is a little short on cycle selections with just eight, which is a shame considering its price. It also has a choice of eight drying temperatures. You won’t, however, be able to stack it with a washer due to its design. 


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The LG DLE7300VE must be vented to the outdoors and while it can be installed yourself if you have knowledge and experience, it’s recommended that you contact an expert for installation if you are at all unsure. LG does provide a full installation guide and the dryer even has a 3-Minute Smart Installation Check feature. Whether you are installing this dryer yourself or hiring a professional, you should ensure you have a 240V electric outlet within 4 feet of hookup available. As this dryer is also a vented model, it’s important to ensure you have a clean vent outlet before installation. If you are planning on installing the dryer into a cabinet, closet, or recessed area you will need to ensure there is sufficient space around the dryer as well as door vents or ventilation openings in the top of the cabinet. 

Available in two colors, the LG DLE7300VE also has FlowSense which is designed to let you know when your dryer filter needs changing and when it’s time to clean the ducts. This function will make maintaining your machine easier and help to keep it running as efficiently as possible. 

The LG DLE7300VE is covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty.

LG DLE7300VE: User reviews 

The LG DLE7300VE is a popular dryer with users, scoring an average of 4.6 out of 5 on Home Depot’s website, and with 91% of users saying they would recommend it. It’s particularly popular with families who find the large drum size enables them to power through large amounts of laundry easily. 

Users praised the choice of cycle options on this dryer, with one commenting: “you can customize your heat and time, which is typical for dryers, but the ease of these settings are just wonderful!” The diagnosis features were popular too: “usually when a dryer has an issue, it’s a long process to figure out what is going on, not with this dryer; it has smart diagnosis.”

The odd user noted that despite the LG DLE7300VE’s noise reduction features, they still found it loud on some settings. Some also reported that the SensorDry function wasn’t as good as they’d hoped: “the sensors are not picking up that clothes are still moist”. One user added: “You definitely need to run towels two times through to get them dry.”

Should you buy the LG DLE7300VE? 

The LG DLE7300VE is a great dryer and its large capacity, ease of operation and versatile door opening makes it a great option for families who need to get through large loads of laundry with ease. LG has designed this dryer for busy users who don’t want to keep checking on their dryer and the smart home connectivity is the icing on the cake.

The large drum size does mean it’s certainly not the most compact of dryers and it’s not stackable either, so for those looking to squeeze a dryer into a tight space, the Whirlpool LDR3822PQ dryer might be a much better fit. Some users may find this dryer too loud as well, so that’s also worth considering.

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