Pros / This super automatic espresso machine makes the best-tasting espresso.

Cons / You cannot use ground coffee or pods in this machine.

 Verdict / The KRUPS Falcon performed exceptionally in every test we put it through. It made a balanced shot of espresso with each press of the button, and it did so quickly. Lattes and cappuccinos are simple to make with the unique milk frother on this machine.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Espresso machines like the KRUPS Falcon can do almost everything for you. This one in particular does all of those things – grinds, tamps, brews and disposes of the coffee puck – better than any other espresso machine we tested.

After several tests and many shots of espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos, we found this super automatic espresso machine produced the most consistent and most delicious results. The programmable espresso maker allows you as much control over your espresso shots as you’d like, or you can just set it up to pull shot after shot without thinking about the strength of the brew, the temperature of the water, or the size of each shot. Once you learn how to use, maintain, and clean this machine, it’s easier than ever to make a multitude of espresso drinks for you and guests.

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In less than a minute, the KRUPS Falcon was hot and ready to start brewing espresso. It’s a super automatic espresso machine, so there was very little preparatory work we needed to do. We poured whole beans into the built-in grinder, added water to the reservoir and then selected the size and number of shots on the touch screen panel. The espresso maker went to work grinding the beans, tamping the grounds and then forcing hot, pressurized water through the portafilter. It wasn’t long before we had rich, dark espresso topped with a thick layer of golden crema.

The flavor of each shot was full and balanced. The temperature of the espresso right out of the machine was just above 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just right. Espresso should be brewed with water heated to about 200 degrees F, and it cools quickly once it hits the cup.

Almost every espresso maker doubles as a cappuccino maker, and the KRUPS Falcon is no exception. It creates creamy, velvety steamed milk, but it doesn’t employ the typical steam wand. Instead, this machine uses a tube that draws milk into the machine and then dispenses steamed milk and foam into your cup, almost instantly creating lattes and cappuccinos with little work on your part. In our tests, it produced a good mix of steamed and foamed milk that averaged about 135 degrees F with a variety of milks.

You have many options with this machine. There are preset shot amounts, but you can interrupt the flow of coffee at any time. For example, you can choose to brew a long shot, which is an espresso made with double the water, or a shorter shot, if you’d prefer. You can also choose the grind of your coffee beans and strength of the coffee. The machine also allows you to decide between three different temperatures for your espresso.


Several espresso machines in our lineup are easy to use, but the KRUPS takes the cake. A super automatic espresso maker like this one takes care of most of the work for you. Even though the milk-steaming option on this machine is different than most espresso makers, it is simple to use. The digital panel walks you through the steps for each cup of espresso you create. When it’s time to empty the drip try, a floating plastic indicator pops up to let you know. Once the coffee puck bin is full, a status light lets you know.

This machine has a large water reservoir, so you won’t have to fill it up as often. When you’re ready to brew espresso, all you have to do is turn it on – or program it to turn on automatically. You won’t even have to prime the boiler because this machine does it for you. You have the option of using a demitasse – a small espresso cup, or a larger cappuccino or coffee cup because this espresso maker has an adjustable dispenser that allows for bigger cups. In spite of all this machine can do, it cannot accept coffee pods or preground coffee, so you have to stick to whole bean coffee.

Cleaning your espresso machine is important – especially the steaming tube, because you don’t want milk to build up on those parts. There are more components to clean with this appliance than other espresso makers in our lineup, but the process is quick and easy.


An important consideration when buying a large kitchen appliance is safety. There are a few cautions you should take when using an espresso machine – like the tube on the steamer that can get very hot. You don’t have to worry much about the exterior of this machine, though. The housing is mostly plastic and reaches temperatures around 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The KRUPS Falcon has a status light to let you know whether the machine is on or off, and it automatically shuts off after a certain amount of time, which you can program.


KRUPS offers a solid warranty to protect you against a machine with defective parts or labor. It’s the longest warranty available among the espresso machines in our lineup at two years. Should anything go wrong, or if you have questions about your espresso maker, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer care department through an online form, regular mail or by phone.


The KRUPS Falcon is the best espresso machine we tested. We were able to create rich, flavorful espresso shots and creamy, hot lattes and cappuccinos. It was easier than ever to use this machine, from programming the machine to brewing the espresso. Cleaning and maintaining this espresso maker is also simple and quick, so you’ll spend more time enjoying your coffee rather than cleaning your machine. Also, KRUPS offers one of the best warranties available for a super automatic espresso machine.

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