Pros / We found this model online for less than $400.

Cons / This ties for the smallest variety of cycle types.

 Verdict / This is a budget-friendly solution to a broken dryer but it is not as feature-filled as its more expensive competitors.

The Amana NED4655EW is the least expensive model we considered but it still outranks quite a few others. It does not compare well in all ways but this machine will be just fine for laundry duty in many households.

Even less expensive options, including this one, have sensor drying and that is a good thing. Sensors detect moisture levels so the machine shuts off automatically when it is done. That can save time and energy because you are not running the machine for a long time after clothing is already dry.

This dryer has wrinkle prevention features as well. You can set the dryer to periodically circulate clean and dry laundry at the end of a cycle so it doesn't have a chance to wrinkle before you can get back to the machine.

This unit's 6.5 cubic feet puts it below average among the ones we compared. That's still pretty big but it might not be enough for large families. It also is pretty slim on cycle options. It tied for the smallest selection of those we reviewed. You have the choice of sensor drying or timed drying. Temperature selection includes no-heat, low-heat, medium and high options. Dryness levels include Very Dry, Energy Preferred and Less Dry.

All of the options are accessible with an old-fashioned set of dials. It is a far cry from the touch-buttons on some of the more expensive models but it will function fine. If you prefer a more updated control panel consider the Samsung DV8750. The NED4655EW also does not have any of the safety extras that we like on the pricier machines. You will have to remember to clean your lint filter on your own, and to check ductwork periodically. This unit will not remind you.

The NED4655EW is below average for size overall but it is actually a little wider than many others, which can make it tough to fit into compact laundry spaces.

You only get a year of coverage on everything with this machine. That's relatively short but not surprising since it is the least expensive dryer we considered.

This is a budget-friendly option that still manages to beat out a few pricier machines with its modest variety of features. It may not be the most modern of machines but it still has the type of cycles and the capacity to tackle a lot of laundry.

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