Pros / The compact size and reversible door will give you more options in your laundry room.

Cons / There are machines with more cycle types.

 Verdict / The Hotpoint HTX24EASKWS seems a little outdated compared to others but the price is nice and the features are adequate.

The Hotpoint HTX24EASKWS is not a dryer that stands out from the pack but if you are buying the matching washer, the Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS, it will be a fine addition to your laundry room. It could also be a nice companion for any washer in the range of 3-3.5 cubic feet. With 6.2 cubic feet of capacity, it will be able to adequately dry even the largest loads from washers in that size range.

The HTX24EASKWS has just a few different types of cycles and they are all accessible on old-fashioned dials. Still, though, there are plenty of features to get basic loads dry, as long as you are not looking for a sanitize or steam cycle. You can choose from cottons with full heat, casuals with medium heat and anything delicate with air fluff (no heat).

There are machines that have the dial controls but still have a digital countdown display that makes it easy to track a cycle, but this is not one of them. You will just have to keep your eye on the dials or your watch. That is even a little more important with this machine because it lacks wrinkle control – a feature that competitors have which periodically tumbles loads after they are officially done.

Even though it is at the lower end of the spectrum in most categories, this dryer does have sensor drying. The machine will monitor air temperature to automatically adjust drying times. That way you won't waste time and energy drying until the end of a cycle if clothing is done after the first 20 minutes.

The HTX24EASKWS also has a reversible door. That is now pretty common but if you are upgrading from an old machine it will seem especially nice. That way you can arrange your laundry space any way you need it. It also is almost the smallest we compared. That can help with smaller laundry rooms.

This is not a terribly impressive machine. It is basic and even a little old-school. If you don't need steam or other fancy features, though, this is perfectly adequate and noticeably compact.

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