Pros / The door can be opened from the top-down or from side hinges for easy loading and unloading.

Cons / There are more compact machines.

 Verdict / This machine combines innovative features like a smartphone app and sensor drying in an economical and efficient package.

The LG DLE7200VE is energy efficient and reasonably-priced yet still has lots of advanced features. Sensor Dry tracks moisture levels and adjusts drying times automatically so you don't have to babysit your loads. You can also use an associated phone app to do laundry remotely – starting and stopping loads from anywhere and getting notifications about when a load is finished. You can also diagnose repair issues using your phone.

There are dryers with hamper-style doors, which open from the bottom. They are great for transferring wet laundry from the washer because they keep clean clothing from falling onto a potentially dirty floor in the process. Other machines open from the side, which is nice when it is time to remove dry clothing because you have a direct path from the opening to the laundry basket – no hamper door to contend with. The LG DLE7200VE has both. You can open the door either from the side or from the bottom.

The DLE7200VE is great for energy efficiency. It qualifies for the Energy Star and ties for the best Combined Energy Factor (CEF). That is one metric the EPA uses to determine which dryers are most efficient. Some of that is attributable to capacity – bigger machines tend to be less efficient. This machine is even more efficient than many smaller capacity options in our lineup, though.

This machine is larger in size compared to the others in our lineup, and that is one potential drawback if you have limited laundry space. It is only a matter of a couple of inches difference between the smallest and the largest dryers, but that can matter, depending on your laundry room. It might be too big in that regard. It also might be too small if you need more capacity for huge loads. It is only average for capacity. Generally, capacity has more to do with your washing machine's size, though. You don't necessarily want the largest dryer you can find. You just want one that makes sense with your washing machine.

This dryer of course pairs well with its matching washer, the LG WT7200CV, but it can combine with other similar units, too. The general rule is that you buy a dryer with roughly double the capacity of your washer, so a load can have enough space in which to circulate. The DLE7200VE has 7.3 cubic feet of space. That will offer the right capacity to go with lots of washers that average 3-4 cubic feet.

We found this dryer online for as little as $850, which is great considering capacity and everything else you get. One thing that was a little less impressive was the cycle selection. Lots of people only use timed dry anyway but a larger selection is nice to get the right type of drying for specific items. You do get quite a few options on this unit, even if not as many as others, including a bedding cycle and a custom cycle. With the custom cycle you can enter a set of choices for time and temperature and then call up that combination at the touch of a button instead of entering it each time.

This is not one that offers steam cycles. That can be a nice option for keeping everything fresh and wrinkle-free. You generally have to pay more to get steam features, though, and it won't be worth it for everyone.

Most of the units we compared offer a one year warranty on everything. This one has 10 times as much coverage on the dryer drum. That inspires a lot of confidence in the durability of the DLE7200VE.

The LG DLE7200VE is efficient and innovative without being expensive, and that’s rare. It may be a little too big for some laundry rooms, but the dual-function door, long warranty and smartphone control really help this dryer stand out in good ways.

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