The Whirlpool WED8700EC is a smart dryer you can operate from your phone, making it easy to get a humdrum chore like laundry done while you are picking up kids from soccer or taking the dog to the vet. The Wi-Fi connectivity and Whirlpool's app allow you to put laundry in the drum and then head off for whatever tasks you need to do besides getting clothes clean. A good accompanying top-load washer for this dryer is the Whirlpool WTW8700EC. This washer has an impressive 26 washing cycles, a 5.3-cubic-foot interior and high efficiency.

When it's time to start the dryer, you simply use the app's Remote Start. You can pause a cycle, check your energy use and get an alert when clothes are dry from your phone. You can also begin the trademarked Wrinkle Shield function, which periodically tumbles clothes if you are not going to be home in time to get them out of the dryer right away. The tumbling helps prevent wrinkles.

In addition, you can download a specialty drying cycle and the app will remember it for future use. Whirlpool releases seasonal drying programs as downloads for your app so you can dry bathing suits in summer and heavy coats during snowy months. You can create your own specialty cycle to properly dry certain fabrics just the way you want. You also get a delay-start function with this electric dryer, so you can schedule the end of a drying cycle for the time someone will be home to get the laundry out.

You get an 8.8-cubic-foot drum inside this Whirlpool dryer that can handle a lot of wet clothing at a time, including bulky items. This dryer offers 23 different drying programs. With the electronic controls on this machine, you choose a What to Dry mode, such as towels, delicates or bulky items like bedding. Then you choose a How to Dry function to find the best cycle for those items, from categories such as normal, sanitize and steam refresh. You can choose automatic drying programs or time cycles, and you can adjust the setting and add extra functions such as the Wrinkle Shield or a static-reduction mode.

This electric dryer can save energy with its EcoBoost option, which uses a somewhat lower heat level. If you have a Nest Learning Thermostat, possibly as part of a home security system, it will determine when you are gone and activate the EcoBoost mode for you.

This dryer is compatible with a drying rack, but you do have to buy the rack separately. You can insert the rack into special slots inside the dryer and lay out flat items such as a silk scarf or sweater, or place athletic shoes with lots of man-made materials on it, and allow them to dry using low- or room-temperature air circulation to avoid damaging the items. The Maytag MEDB955FC is another energy efficient dryer in our lineup with Energy Star certification.

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