Pros / It’s hefty, long-lasting battery makes it extremely portable and versatile.

Cons / It’s guide bar is relatively short – just 12 inches.

 Verdict / This is the best battery powered chainsaw we tested.

The lightweight body, cordless design and longevity make the Kobalt KCS 120-07 the best battery chainsaw you can buy. It’s just as expensive as the gas models in this category, but it’s utility, power and portability make it worth the price tag.

This model comes equipped with a 12-inch bar, which is on the shorter end of the products in this category. It works best when cutting logs under 8 inches in diameter. In our tests, we used all the chainsaws we reviewed to cut a 6x6-inch piece of lumber. While it held its own, it took appreciably longer to make the cut than our gas-powered models from Poulan Pro and Echo.

When we used it on various small trees and shrubbery in an over grown back yard, it performed wonderfully. We even took it against a hardened, dead cherry tree stump, and we weren’t disappointed. We didn’t take down the whole stump, but it was able cut through the wood easily.

Our testing crew had several things to say about Kobalt while testing. One commented that “If I was to get just a nifty little household trimmer, I would prefer this.” Another agreed, stating “If you're going to get something battery powered, this would be it, but I don't believe in a battery-powered chainsaw.”

When compared to the other battery powered model we tested – the Black & Decker LCS1020, The Kobalt has metal bucking spikes, a larger guide bar and a slightly beefier engine, all of which make the Kobalt the better battery powered option of the two.

While it doesn’t deliver as much power as gas models, you can expect the 40-volt battery on this model to last a long time. We were surprised at how large it was when we pulled it out of its packaging. It takes a few hours to charge, but during our days of testing, we never ran out of juice.

Also, because it’s battery powered, it’s also much easier to start than gas-powered saws. Every time we pulled the trigger, it started with no problems. This is far more convenient, and less aggravating, than pulling on a coil starter multiple times.

One of the handy safety features on this model is its metal bucking spikes. There are useful when tackling large logs, as they enhance your control and act as pivot points around the log. Some of the top-rated models we reviewed, like the Husqvarna 240 and Stihl MS170 don’t have them. And others substitute plastic spikes for metal. So, the spikes on this model are a big plus in that regard.

The more you use a chainsaw, the faster the chain wears down and adjusts on the bar. Maintaining the chain is crucial to safety and efficiency. This Kobalt model has several features to help handle your chain on and off the bar. The chain provided with this saw is a low-kickback chain to decrease the chance of an accident.

The Kobalt KCS 120-07 has a tool-free chain-tensioning knob on the side. The knob is far enough from the bar for safety and adjusts the chain immediately, so you can get back to cutting after a kickback. If the chain breaks while the chainsaw is active, the notch below the bar catches or deflects it away from you. This is a rare and preventable occurrence if you maintain proper tension and lubricate the chain.

The Kobalt KCS 120-07 is a basic, but useful battery-powered chainsaw. While it is a bit expensive and doesn’t provide the power of comparably powered gas models, it has great benefits like portability, reliability and easy use. If you want a battery-operated chainsaw, this is a stellar choice.

  • Guide Bar Length
  • Weight
  • Warranty Period
  1. Longer is better
  2. 9  Kobalt
    12.0 inches
  3. 1  Echo
    14.0 inches
  4. 2  WORX
    16.0 inches
  5. 3  Stihl
    16.0 inches
  6. Category Average
    15.2 inches
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