Pros / It has a hefty 16-inch guide bar.

Cons / It does not come with a scabbard.

 Verdict / As far as corded chainsaws go, this model is just okay, but there’s nothing that makes it stand out above the rest.

The Remington RM1635W, equipped with a 16-inch guide bar and 12 amps motor, is a corded chainsaw that will meet the needs of many homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Whether it’s basic maintenance or tree cleanup, this device is well-equipped to slice through logs and branches easily. However, it has some flaws that make it our least-favorite choice among the corded models in this category.

When our testing crew used all the chainsaws, they were largely unimpressed by this model compared to the others. There was nothing that stood out to make it any better than corded models like the Worx WG304.1 and the Craftsman 34120. In fact, one of the only comments made in regards to this particular model was, “the amount of sparks this thing puts off makes me scared to use it.”

While advertised to handle only trees of up to three or four inches in diameter, this tool can handle larger trees of up to a full foot. Such tasks may take longer as it will require meticulous and gradual cutting angles.

Most chainsaws use round chisel chains, but this Remington comes equipped with steel bucking teeth to give operators increased leverage and control while cutting. Due to the edges of these chains, they grip wood better and maintain cutting speeds with fewer jams.

One of the biggest advantages of this saw when compared to the gas models we reviewed is how easy it is to start and use. All you really need to do before using this saw is make sure that it’s oil tank is filled. Then you can just plug it in and start cutting. There’s no priming or pulling cords – you can get to your job in less than a minute.

Other advantages of this saw when compared to gas models include the fact that you’ll encounter fewer issues from being in storage for prolonged periods. Gas engines tend to leave residual fuel throughout the various parts of the engine, which can then harden and block fuel flow when used again. You won’t have any of these problems with the Remington RM1635W.

Of all the chainsaws in this category, this was the only model that did not come with an included blade scabbard. This is not a minor omission, a scabbard not only protects the guide bar and chain while not in use, but from damage from the blade to humans and other objects. If you’re going to get this saw, we recommend finding a third-party scabbard to go with it.

One of the issues found in this device is the tension adjuster. The tensioner runs along a plastic track, which when screwed too much can cause the mechanism to bend. It will require some practice to utilize effectively and ensure a proper level of tension without damaging an interior piece of the chainsaw.

The Remington RM1635W is about as plain-Jane as electric chainsaws come. There’s no huge design flaws, it starts easily and can tackle most cutting jobs adequately. But there’s nothing that makes it stand out from the competition. In fact, some excessive sparking and the lack of an included scabbard made it the last choice of our testing team.

  • Guide Bar Length
  • Weight
  • Warranty Period
  1. Longer is better
  2. 7  Remington RM1645
    16.0 inches
  3. 1  Echo
    14.0 inches
  4. 2  WORX
    16.0 inches
  5. 3  Stihl
    16.0 inches
  6. Category Average
    15.2 inches
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