Pros / The Dyson Cinetic works well on every surface and glides along with little effort.

Cons / At 81 dB, this is a relatively loud vacuum. Your entire household will know when it's running.

 Verdict / This Dyson combines strong suction with a well-planned, maneuverable design to give you the best canister vacuum in our lineup.

Dyson excels in making beautiful vacuums, and the Cinetic Big Ball Animal canister vacuum is no exception. This is a sleek, modern vacuum that stands out from the other bagless canister vacuums we tested. Most importantly, it cleans effectively – much more effectively than competitors. The Cinetic handles all surfaces well, and the base turns easily as you change directions. It can even correct itself when it tips over with just a slight tug. The large wheels on the base move with less friction than is usual for canister vacuums, the canister is easy to empty, and the bin is large despite the vacuum's lightweight design. For all these reasons, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. 

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  • Cleaning and Suction
  • Noise Level
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    82.73 Percentage


This vacuum provides great suction, thanks in part to the cyclonic tips on the top of the base that continually oscillate while the vacuum operates. These tips clear dust particles as you clean. This is one of the best canister vacuums available for cleaning carpet. In our vacuuming test using flour in place of fine dust, the Cinetic cleaned the entire area in a short four passes. No vacuum was able to clean the area quicker than that. The head of the vacuum had a little more trouble on hardwood, but it still performed better than most canister vacuum cleaners. We were impressed with how well it picked up large pieces.

The Dyson Cinetic provides true HEPA filtration and an efficient filter that you don't need to wash or replace. This means fewer allergens in your home and cleaner air as well as flooring. Other vacuums have low-maintenance filters, but the Cinetic is the only canister vacuum that doesn't even need to be washed. You pay more up front for this vacuum, but you'll never have to buy another filter or bag for the life of your ownership. If you need something a little more budget-friendly in terms of purchase price, check out the Bissell C4 cyclonic.


Despite having a larger base than some other lightweight canister vacuums, the Cinetic is easy to move around. The wheels reach almost up to the roof of the base, meaning larger wheels that glide more easily over heavy carpet or rough surfaces. As you move in different directions, the canister naturally follows the wand around without extra effort on your part. The vacuum has a solid handle on the top of the bin for moving it up and down the stairs.

This vacuum doesn't require a lot of extra maintenance – its filter never needs to be cleaned, and the bin is easy to empty and holds a lot of dirt. The bin has a 2-liter capacity, the second largest in our lineup, and the vacuum still manages to be one of the more lightweight canister vacuums. The bin clicks off and on with an accessible button and has clear walls that show you when the vacuum is full.

Our biggest complaint about the Cinetic is how loud it is. At its maximum volume, we measured it at 81 dB. For comparison, the quietest vacuum we tested was only 71 dB. To put this in perspective, consider that every 10 dB doubles the volume of an appliance. A conversation is about 60 dB, making this vacuum three times louder than talking at a normal volume. You get a powerful vacuum with the Cinetic; the only problem is that you can hear the power, too.

Design Extras

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal has a large assortment of accessories and tools, including additional extension wands, combination tools and crevice tools. We were impressed with its tangle-free turbine tool, which is made specifically for picking up pet hair. The turbines on this attachment move in a circular motion, making sure the hair doesn't stick and tangle within the brush. If you are a pet owner who has had to constantly clean the head of your vacuum, this is a neat extra.

One concern we have is that the attachments aren't actually attached to the vacuum. They need to be stored separately in a small bag. This isn't nearly as convenient as accessories that clip to the base or wand of the vacuum. Overall, the Cinetic's attachments are better designed than those of other vacuums, but you might find it an additional burden to have to carry the bag around wherever you clean in the house.

Help & Support

Dyson has one of the best canister vacuum support sites we reviewed. The webpage has large pictures, clear video presentations and a complete manual. The Dyson community is active online, and you can reach customer service by phone, email or live chat. Dyson also offers a five-year warranty on its vacuums, which is the same as the highest warranties available from other manufacturers. While Dyson sells many other appliances, you can tell that vacuums are its bread and butter, something we can't say about other vacuum companies.


The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal was so wonderfully efficient at cleaning that we used it to tidy up the floors and couch once our canister vacuum cleaner reviews were done. It can be a little loud and you have to go and fetch attachments rather than getting them off of the base, the way you can with competitors, but other than that it is ideal. The suction is powerful enough to clean any mess, on any surface.

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