Pros / The CleanView is adjustable to optimize for different types of flooring.

Cons / This is the heaviest vac we tested so it won't be fun to take it up and down stairs.

 Verdict / The Bissell CleanView was a little slow to clean on some tests, but it has several accessories, making it more versatile than most.

The Bissell CleanView is the heaviest model we tested but it also has some convincing selling points. It was better than more than half of the contenders in the budget vacuums category when you look at average cleaning scores on our performance tests. It also comes with more accessories than most, and they all store on the machine so you don't have to hunt down the crevice tool when it is time to clean furniture – just unsnap and clean.

Like many budget vacuum cleaners, the CleanView would fling cereal and kitty litter out of the way rather than sucking it up, at least on the initial pass. It adds to vacuuming time when you have to find the scattered cereal bits in the corners of the room to clean them up.

This vac has a dial for adjusting its distance from the floor. That way you can position the cleaning head closer to the floor for lower-pile carpets and further away for the thicker ones. It was just OK for maneuverability. Most cheap vacuum cleaners don’t have a swiveling head, including this one, but with its heavy weight it was even less fun than most for getting around corners and under stuff. For a more maneuverable model, check out the Black & Decker AirSwivel.

The Bissell CleanView is easy to maintain, though it did create a dust cloud when we emptied it. All of the bagless models do that, but this was a pretty big cloud. Emptying it outside is one way to lessen the impact, but for people with allergies it's still not a great experience.

This vacuum was a little louder than average in our tests, generating 89 decibels. It is also above average for cord length, so you won't have to hunt down a new outlet every few feet.

The CleanView comes with a two-year warranty, double what a lot of them offer in this price range. This vacuum is more expensive than many in our lineup, so it is nice to have a strong warranty backing that investment.

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  • Medium Carpet Performance
  • Maneuverability
  • Weight
  1. Each unit's ability to remove messes on medium pile carpet.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3  Bissell CleanView
    60.0 %
  3. 75.0 %
  4. 90.0 %
  5. Category Average
    75.45 %


The Bissell CleanView is not great for maneuverability – it’s heavy, bulky and lacks a swiveling head. It was also imperfect on our suction tests, at times scattering debris instead of cleaning it up. It cleared all messes eventually, though, and it is more versatile than many units we tested with all of its onboard accessories. The relatively good warranty coverage also helps inspire confidence in this product.

Bissell CleanView 9595A Visit Site

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