Pros / For a vacuum this size, the motor is powerful, and it picks up pet hair well. For a vacuum this size, the motor is powerful, and it picks up pet hair well.

Cons / The dust cup is difficult to clean.

 Verdict / The Dirt Devil Breeze is an all-around good value with powerful suction and a lightweight design.

The Dirt Devil Breeze Cyclonic UD70105 is an upright budget vacuum with a clear, bagless design and on-board tools for specialized cleaning. Considering how cheap this vacuum is, it receives high marks for its vacuuming performance, convenience and design.

This inexpensive vacuum has a 10-amp motor and a 13-inch cleaning path. In our tests, it didn’t perform as well as the best budget vacuums, but it sufficiently cleaned up flour and kitty litter. We spread pet hair and dander on various surfaces for our pet-hair test. The Dirt Devil Breeze was able to pick up all of it, albeit after a few passes. For something with stronger suction, check out the Hoover Tempo.

One nice feature with this budget vacuum is that if you have hard floors and carpet, like most homes, the vacuum head features a brush roll button that raises and lowers the spinning brushes to optimize cleaning on the type of surface you're vacuuming.

The Dirt Devil is lightweight for an upright vacuum. The head doesn't swivel, so you'll have to move it back and forth to change directions, but the wheels move smoothly and don't get caught in heavier carpet. Weighing just over 10 pounds, it's light enough to carry up and down stairs, and when you're done vacuuming, it fits neatly in the corner of your closet.

The Dirt Devil Breeze has a cyclonic filter that, according to the company, is designed to break up debris in the dust cup for easier cleanup, but that wasn't our experience. Large clumps of debris got trapped below the filter, making it hard to remove when we cleaned out the 2-liter cup. The vacuum has a long 25-foot power cord, meaning less re-plugging, and the motor is a relatively quiet 87.5 decibels.

For a budget vacuum, the Breeze comes with quite a few tools, all of which are stored on-board. A hose wraps up and around the upright that combines with an extension wand, crevice tool or dusting brush. This gives it the versatility of a canister vacuum with the greater suction power of an upright. One drawback is the lack of an upholstery tool. Other tools can clean couches or chairs, but you'll need to use more care to not damage the fabric.

Dirt Devil provides a standard one-year warranty on parts and service, and you can use the service center locator page on its website to find a service provider in your area.

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  • Medium Carpet Performance
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The Dirt Devil Breeze Cyclonic UD70105 is an all-around good budget vacuum with low maintenance costs and solid vacuuming performance. It is lightweight and able to handle tough pet hair and dander. Though it has cyclonic suction, the dust cup is hard to clean out, and this vacuum lacks an upholstery tool.

Dirt Devil Breeze Cyclonic UD70105B Visit Site

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