Pros / The dust cup is easy to empty and clean.

Cons / The heavy head makes the vacuum hard to maneuver.

 Verdict / The Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 combines a lot of useful tools into a versatile design, though it struggles some with maneuverability.

The Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 is a well-made, inexpensive upright vacuum with a bagless design and filter that is easy to clean. It has a long power cord, a compact shape and 7 feet of cleaning reach with the removable cleaning wand. We did have some trouble moving this vacuum around in our tests, and it is relatively loud compared to some of the best budget vacuum cleaners, but it did a decent job of cleaning overall, and that is what matters. If you need something that is easier to move around, check out the Shark Navigator.

We tested each vacuum with a variety of materials, including flour and kitty litter, on different surfaces, and the Hoover Sprint had an all-around positive performance. It required fewer passes than most on all carpet types and handled tough jobs like embedded pet hair well. The vacuum’s three height levels were helpful in picking up very fine flour and grainy kitty litter on low- and medium-pile carpet. This is also one of the few budget vacuums that offer true HEPA filtration. A HEPA filter traps 99.97 percent of dust and pollens in the air.

The Sprint has a sturdy base and a thin cleaning wand that fits well in the back of your closet. The head is heavy compared to the handle, though, which led to lower scores in maneuverability. The head doesn't swivel, so changing directions required more exertion to move the vacuum in the direction we wanted it to go.

We tested the decibel level of each vacuum in our lineup. This one emits 90 dB. While it certainly isn't the noisiest vacuum we evaluated, it's on the high end of the scale.
This vacuum's dust cup is easy to empty. According to Hoover, this vacuum uses multi-cyclonic technology, which breaks up large pieces of debris into fine particles. The dust cup empties effortlessly; you don't need to dig around to remove trapped pieces of debris, and the filter looks brand new after you run it under water for a few seconds.

The Hoover Sprint comes with a nice selection of attachments. The extension wand is included right inside the hose, giving you an extra 7 feet of reach, more than enough for tight spaces or high ceilings. The Sprint doesn't come with an upholstery brush, so you'll need to be careful when dusting curtains or other fine fabrics using the vacuum's other attachments.

Hoover offers a standard one-year warranty on parts and maintenance, which is not great. Other models come with more coverage.

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  • Medium Carpet Performance
  • Maneuverability
  • Weight
  1. Each unit's ability to remove messes on medium pile carpet.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 2  Hoover Sprint
    90.0 %
  3. 75.0 %
  4. 60.0 %
  5. Category Average
    75.45 %


The Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 is an effective cheap vacuum. It has great reach, good power, and a dust cup and filter that don't require a lot of extra work. This vacuum lacks mobility, but it compensates by offering a variety of attachments and a compact design. It is one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners you will find.

Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 Visit Site

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