Pros / The low price is easy on the budget.

Cons / This vacuum cleaner struggled to clean our test messes.

 Verdict / The Bissell Heavy Duty Professional lacked the cleaning power to be truly competitive.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Bissell Heavy Duty Professional is bulky and heavy, and it took many passes to clean up the messes in our testing. However, it is priced lower than any of the other vacuums we tried. The hardest thing about his machine was that it flung messes far from the cleaning path. It was difficult to even find some of the cereal and kitty litter in order to finish cleaning during some tests.

The very economical price makes this unit enticing. However, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro has more cleaning power for about the same price.

The cleaning process was very involved, though. It was especially bad at cleaning carpeting, which is really the top task of any vacuum cleaner in most homes, so that's a pretty big drawback. It took eight more passes than the next worst competitor to clean up the medium-pile carpets, and that included many passes off the beaten path in order to find all the messes it had flung out of the way in the first few passes.

This is the heaviest vacuum we tried, which makes it harder to take up and down stairs to get to cleaning projects around the house. It does have two carry handles, though, and that makes it a little easier to haul around.

The Bissell Heavy Duty Professional lacks a swiveling head so it is not great for getting around table legs and other obstacles. The brushroll lifts off the ground when you recline the vacuum very far, so to clean under the bed or other low-slung furniture, you have to move the furniture or use the hose and attachments. At least those all are integrated into the body of the vacuum cleaner for easy access.

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The Bissell Heavy Duty Professional did not clean quickly and scattered messes, making it difficult to recommend beyond its cheap price. This is a heavy and bulky machine that struggled to clean at times, but the integrated hose and onboard cleaning tools make it a little more versatile and useful.

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