Pros / You get a washable microfiber pad that helps clean hardwood floors.

Cons / This vacuum is hard to maneuver and is quite stiff when you turn it.

 Verdict / The Dirt Devil Dash struggles to remove fine dust and large particles on some surfaces, but its low price and convenience features might make it worth your consideration.

The budget-friendly Dirt Devil Dash Upright has some features that make it easy to use: You can attach every cleaning tool but one to the body of the vacuum, you can use your foot to push a button to change from one surface type to another, and the hose and wand together have a decent amount of suction. However, since it struggled in some of our hands-on tests, it ranks low in our comparison.

The Dash’s cleaning performance was a mixed bag, and it appeared this unit cleans up only easily-vacuumed items. This upright vacuum cleaner struggled to remove flour, which was used to simulate fine dust. It tied for the very worst performance for flour on hardwood flooring. It also took the most passes to clear away kitty litter on the more industrial-style carpeting. The Dash did fine with most messes on medium-pile carpeting, which is the kind most people have in their homes, though it still struggled on the crushed cereal on that type of carpeting. For a machine with excellent suction, consider the Dyson Animal 2.

This vacuum comes with a good deal of packing material, so it takes a while to get everything out of the box. Once you get everything out, assembly is straightforward and simple. You need to attach one screw in the back. The vacuum comes with a brush with stiff bristles, a turbo brush, a cleaning wand and a carrying case for the microfiber pad for use on hard floors.

This vacuum is relatively noisy with a decibel level of 91 dB, but the sound is not a huge problem for every household. This vacuum is relatively light and easy to carry at 15.5 pounds, though it is stiff and hard to turn when you’re trying to maneuver around furniture.

You get a foot button to switch the brush roll on and off, so you do not need to bend down to adjust the setting for hardwood flooring. However, you do need to bend over and manually adjust the carpet-level controls on the bottom of this upright bagless vacuum. Cleaning it is easy since the canister takes a simple push of the button to remove and then, with another button push, the bottom of the canister opens and releases dirt, dust, debris and all manner of stuff into your trash container.

It also is easy to remove the filters. You get two filters – one is a standard vacuum filter, and the other a rinseable filter made of HEPA media that offers a high level of dust and allergen collection. You will need to be a bit careful when changing the filter near the motor since the motor gets hot when you use the vacuum. You might want to wait and let it cool off a bit first.

This vacuum is easy to empty and clean, provides a foot-controlled button to change floor settings, and uses a HEPA media filter to catch dust, pollen and allergens in your home. However, it is hard to maneuver and has trouble picking up larger debris, so we couldn’t rank it among the best upright vacuum cleaners.

  • Cleaning & Suction
  • Maneuverability
  • Weight
  • Noise Level
  1. Vacuums that picked up the most particles in the fewest passes received a higher rating.
    More is better.
  2. 8  Dirt Devil Dash
    60.0 %
  3. 95.0 %
  4. 95.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    87.5 %
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3 Years
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True HEPA Filtration
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Dirt Sensor
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Retractable Cord


Extension Wand
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Crevice Tool
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