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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Review

Lifelock provides a broad range of identity theft protection features including monitoring, alerts and scans for illegal trading of personal information.

Our Verdict

By monitoring your personal information and responding to potential threats LifeLock does an excellent job of keeping your personal information safe.


  • Sends fraud alerts by text or via mobile app
  • Monitors black market sites for your information
  • Provides support for restoring your identity


  • One of the most expensive services
  • Monthly credit score tracking only monitors one bureau
  • May not be able to monitor all credit card transactions

LifeLock’s identity theft protection service provides a comprehensive list of monitoring and alert features to help protect your identity. It monitors your personal information, scans black-market websites for the illegal buying or selling of your personal information, responds quickly to threats, and providing a $1 million guarantee‡ for its services.

It is important to note that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asserted in 2010 that LifeLock violated security and advertising practices, and fined the company for these violations. The FTC is a regulatory agency that is responsible for helping to prevent unfair business practices. The FTC cannot find criminal fault, including declaring or finding guilt. LifeLock has maintained its innocence, and the FTC and the courts have both made note of this declaration. In 2018 the company also reported a potential threat involving customer emails.

Top Ten Reviews has done research into LifeLock, looking closely at its practices of keeping consumer information secure and the process of alerting customers of any possible identity theft, and have found that the services LifeLock provides are of value and among the most comprehensive in the industry.

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LifeLock monitors public records, black market sites known to traffic in stolen data, and other sources, and sends you notifications. Whenever it detects that someone is using your personal information to apply for one of the many forms of credit, including auto loans, mortgage loans, utilities, retail credit, wireless services and credit cards†, the service sends you an alert. You then verify if the transaction is legitimate or not. Once LifeLock determines that the application in question is fraudulent, the remediation team takes action.

While all services cover the most common information – your Social Security number, address and credit cards – LifeLock's may also detect uses of your email addresses, telephone numbers, bank account information and even your driver's license. It checks court records, online payday loan applications and criminal records for use of your identity. LifeLock can also monitor your medical insurance numbers to watch for anyone receiving medical services while using your identity.

This ID theft protection company can monitor your bank accounts for unauthorized changes in your personal information, including changes to existing accounts, new accounts or requests to add new members to an account. It alerts you of new credit card applications or loans being taken out in your name. LifeLock does not stop at financial information, however. You also get reports on criminal activity associated with your name.

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LifeLock provides you with sex offender registry reports which notifies you if your name or personal information appear on a sex offender registry. Some services, such as Identity Guard and PrivacyGuard don’t offer this.

Junk mail offers for credit cards or banking are not only annoying, they can put you at risk of identity theft. This identity theft protection company sends requests to have your name removed from pre-approved credit offer mailing lists. This also limits what dumpster divers might find in your garbage.

According to Javelin Strategy and Research, in 2017 more than 1 million children were victims of identity theft or fraud. LifeLock Junior can be added onto any plan to protect your children's identities as well as your own. This covers the same services your plan does, plus peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. The company also guarantees this service up to $1 million.‡

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If you become a victim of identity theft while you're a member with the Million Dollar Care package as part of your plan, LifeLock spends up to $1 million on lawyers and other experts to recover your identity under its total Service Guarantee.

If your wallet is lost or stolen LifeLock will help you cancel your credit cards and deal with issues stemming from losing your identification. Coverage includes your credit and debit cards, driver's license, Social Security card and insurance cards. The service does not cover pictures, cash or cash equivalents.

As a LifeLock identity theft protection customer, you can access your member portal at any time. Member service representatives are available around the clock to answer your questions.

For general information, you can call or email customer service or check the FAQs. Education goes a long way in preventing identity theft, so this ID protection website also has a comprehensive section with news, tips for you and your family, and steps to take if your identity is stolen.

This identity theft protection service offers monitoring and alerts on your personal information. LifeLock monitors the dark web, court records and other sources for fraudulent use of your personal data, making it a good choice for complete identity theft protection.

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