OREGON CS1500 Chainsaw review

The OREGON CS1500 is a unique self-sharpening chainsaw to keep your jobs moving along smoothly.

OREGON CS1500 Chainsaw review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Powerful, comfortable to use, affordable and low maintenance – a great chainsaw for small jobs.


  • +

    Built in chain sharpener

  • +

    Instant start

  • +

    Powerful for an electric chainsaw


  • -

    Chain can slip off if not properly tensioned

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The Oregon CS1500 is an electric, corded chainsaw with a self-sharpening chain, something few of the best chainsaws on the market offer right now. This unique design feature means you can get up and running again after striking the ground or a stone in under 3 seconds – yes, you read that right. This saw will sharpen itself without chain removal or fancy gadgets in less than three seconds. This is called the PowerSharp integrated sharpening system.

It boasts an 18” blade and bar that can cut logs up to 16” in diameter, including hardwoods. The guide bar also reduces kickback, making this a safe saw. It offers a 15m per second rotation which is high for an electric saw.

A powerful electric saw for domestic use, the instructions do need to be followed to the letter to get the best from this product.

Best chainsaws: Oregon CS1500

The Oregon CS1500 is one of the best lightweight, budget chainsaws your money can buy.  (Image credit: Home Depot)

Oregon CS1500 review: Price

With an RRP of just $99, this saw offers a ton of value for what it offers, but it does mean you are unlikely to find it at further discount.

Oregon CS1500 review: Features

Oregon CS1500: specs

Type: High power 15 Amp motor
Weight: 16lbs
Bar: 18" reduced-kickback guide bar and chain
Chain: Tool-less chain tensioning system
Safety: Integrated chain brake for safety
Features: PowerSharp self-sharpening chain
Noise: Quieter than gas models

This top of its class electric chainsaw designed for homeowner use is ideal for felling, bucking, limbing and cutting firewood.

As with most electric saws, the CS1500 is easy to start. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and the handle is designed for additional comfort. It is heavy for an electric saw but still much lighter than a gas-powered saw. It is quieter as well.

If you happen to be cutting close to the ground and accidentally dull the chain by running the chain it into the soil or a stone, you can re-sharpen in less than 3 seconds without having to remove or replace the chain using the Oregon-patented PowerSharp feature. This time-saving feature is incredibly beneficial, but note that if the chain does break, you have to use a specific chain to replace it.

The Oregon CS1500 offers excellent performance with its 18-inch blade that's capable of cutting through logs with a diameter of 16 inches. It can handle hardwoods too. It's perfect for the homeowner with frequent jobs who doesn’t mind dealing with the cable.

Oregon CS1500 review: Performance

Oregon CS1500 review

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The review team over at woodworkingtoolkit.com notes that, while this chainsaw is easy to use, there are issues to be aware of. For example, the guide bar is not removable as it is with most gas-powered chainsaws. It also uses a lot of oil. However, these are small compromises for the overall ease of use, durability and low maintenance of the design.

BestChainsawAdvisor praises the Oregon for its low vibration technology, easy start and good handling. They recommend it as the best on the market for low to medium suburban yard work.

Oregon CS1500 review: User reviews

With a 4.8 rating on Walmart, reviewers report they have been very pleased with the performance of this saw, with some larger land owners stating that they prefer it to their gas-powered saw. One reviewer noted that you need a high gauge extension cord. The only complaint is that the Oregon CS1500 is a little on the heavy side.

Over at Lowes, the average rating is 4.7 stars, with 92% of customers recommending this product. The lowest 3-star reviews state that the chain keeps jumping off, which could be a tensioning issue. Most users like the power and ease of cut, and complaints seem to be largely about person preference.

Oregon CS1500

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Should you buy the Oregon CS1500?

If you need a reliable chainsaw with medium power for domestic or slightly bigger than domestic household tasks, there are plenty of options on the market. What makes this one stand out is the self-sharpening feature which reduces maintenance and downtime if you need to sharpen the chain. It can also save you money on replacement chains.

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