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Snapfish Photo Book Review

Creating custom photo books on Snapfish is enjoyable and easy. There’s a user-friendly interface, as well as many predesigned and themed templates.

Our Verdict

The print quality of the book we ordered was not perfect, but the variety of premade templates and the easy-to-use photo editor make Snapfish a great way to make a quick custom photo book.


  • Snapfish provides step-by-step instructions on how to design a photo book.


  • The company doesn't offer overnight delivery.
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Creating custom photo books on Snapfish is enjoyable and easy. There’s a user-friendly interface, as well as many predesigned and themed templates. While the photo book we got back from this company was not perfect, it was pretty good, and the wide selection of backgrounds and cover options makes Snapfish fun to use for any occasion.

You’ll pay $29.99 for a 20-page 8 x 8 hard cover photo book from Snapfish. This price is pretty average across the board. Snapfish also charges for standard shipping and tax so the price will go up a bit. Like many other services, if you want to add more pages, you must do so in pairs. It costs $1.99 for two pages, which isn’t a bad price.

The book we got from Snapfish was not the best quality photo book we saw, but it was superior to many others. Our experts stated that a few of the images were grainy and the cover image printed dark. However, they also told us that the page thickness and sturdy cover are nice. And we must say the the default glossy finish gave it a polished look. You won’t find a flyleaf in these books and the Snapfish logo will be printed on the last page. One of the biggest complaints we got from our testers was that the book’s binding threading was very noticeable on the last page. If you want a service that offers better print quality, we recommend Mixbook.

You can choose from over 120 different themed templates and a huge selection of backgrounds, including simple solid color backgrounds or detailed templates with defined themes. In comparison to other photo book publishers, Snapfish offers a lot of specific and unique high-quality templates.

The book editor guides you through each step of the design process and helps you assemble a photo book quickly. The design tools are labeled clearly, and you can retrace your steps with minimal effort if you change your mind. To add any of the design elements, you simply drag and drop, or you can use the autofill tool, which places all of your images for you.

Snapfish offers six different sizes of custom photo books in landscape and square formats: 5 x 7 inches, 6 x 8 inches, 8 x 8 inches, 8 x 11 inches, 12 x 12 inches and 11 x 14 inches. The size you choose affects the type of cover you can select. Not all cover types are available for all sizes, but options include hardcover, premium lay-flat, linen hardcover, leather and softcover.

Snapfish allows you to customize the way your photo book is bound. Like the covers, not every binding type is available for every size. You can select binding with heavier paper or stitching, as well as a hinged flat binding and a seamless lay-flat format.

Snapfish offers a variety of ways to receive technical support. There is a large FAQs section and a user forum that offers solutions to most problems. On the website, you'll also find a link to chat with representatives. However, there is no email address or phone number listed.

If you need your photo book quickly, the company offers overnight and two-day delivery. Keep in mind that it takes a few days to get your photo book, even with expedited shipping, because of the processing time before it is ready to ship.

Snapfish is a good option for making photo books with minimal effort. The print quality is good, but not great, and the number of templates and layouts is impressive. This site is easy and fun to use, even for beginners.