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Playground Sessions Halloween sale: Get up to 50% off online piano lessons

Playground Sessions Halloween sale: Get up to 50% off online piano lessons
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Interested in taking up the piano? This massive saving on online piano lessons will be music to your ears. With up to $200 off, you can get a headstart on your New Year resolutions with the Playground Sessions Halloween sale, live now and running through November 3rd. Playground Sessions is our top choice of the best online piano lessons (opens in new tab), offering a huge range of genres to choose from, and a methodical approach to piano learning, and right now you can get up to $200 off memberships and keyboard bundles. That puts a lifetime membership at only $229.99, with a saving of $200 when you use code “Halloween20”. 

You’ll need a keyboard to make the most of your Playground Sessions subscription, but a huge $360 saving when you buy the Playground Sessions PG-150 (opens in new tab) keyboard and membership bundle means you’ll be all set to start learning when you buy this bundle today.

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Save $200 on a Playground Sessions lifetime membership with code Halloween20 (opens in new tab)
Get unlimited access to Playground Sessions piano lessons with this lifetime membership. It includes $80 of free song credits, and a vast library of lessons and songs of every genre. 

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 Save $360 on a Playground Sessions keyboard and lifetime membership bundle with code Halloween20
(opens in new tab)Usually $739.99, the starter bundle for beginner pianists can be a little intimidating. This $360 means you’ll get a specialized keyboard (and everything you need to go with it) as well as a lifetime membership for only $379.99.

A Playground Sessions lifetime membership would usually cost you $429.99, but you can currently buy it for only $229.99 thanks to a $200 discount with promo code “Halloween20”. This cost includes $80 of free song credits, which can be redeemed to learn specific songs from the vast library of options, and personalized tuition which you can take at your own pace. You can also opt for an annual membership, which is now $30 off at $99.99, with $10 of free song credits included every month. 

In our Playground Sessions review (opens in new tab), we found that this software encourages you to learn piano by opening up more challenges and courses as you go. As you progress, you can choose your own learning path and zone in on specific songs and genres. The difficulty level is enough to keep you motivated to improve, but it makes the piano learning process less intimidating thanks to its phased approach to learning sight-reading and two-handed playing.

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