Pros / There are lessons for all skill levels.

Cons / There isn't a way to track your practice progress.

 Verdict / Ryan Jones keeps you engaged as you learn how to play piano. The lessons dive right into musical theory without overwhelming you with information.

Ryan Jones is the founder and the online instructor for PianoKeyz, and his engaging style keeps students interested. These online piano lessons offer training for piano players of all skill levels. You can purchase access to all of the piano lessons through a monthly subscription plan. PianoKeyz offers a wide variety of lesson styles and video tutorials that teach you how to play popular songs. The lesson plan is continually expanding. Every week the instructor posts new lesson plans and songs for you to learn.

We gave PianoKeyz a test run by purchasing a one-month subscription to the online piano lessons. In the first two lessons you will learn about numbering your fingers, the musical alphabet, notes on the keyboard and their corresponding keys. You'll also get into your first set of scales and their intervals. Many of the major beginning concepts we looked for were covered within the first two lessons. However, the first couple lessons were missing note values and an introduction into sheet music.

The instructor wastes little time getting into music theory in these online piano tutorials. By the second lesson you are learning how to play the major scale in all 12 keys. This is the longest lesson out of the entire group of beginning lessons, at 33 minutes. The rest of the video tutorials for the beginning section stay under 20 minutes and keep a good pace to keep you engaged. Ryan encourages you to practice the materials covered in the lesson, but also to keep progressing with your online lessons.

These online piano lessons help you to learn piano via demonstration and teaching you how to play by ear. There is very little emphasis on sight-reading sheet music. The lessons also cover a wide variety of playing styles. In the lessons section, you'll find videos on cocktail style piano playing, blues and song writing. In the song sections, you'll find classical piano pieces as well as modern top 40 hits. PianoKeyz covers a wide variety of piano playing styles, keeping players with different interests engaged.

One thing that encourages a student to continue to learn piano online is feedback. You can upload student videos in the forum section for Ryan to critique and provide feedback of your performance. If there is a song or a lesson that you would like to learn about but it's currently not on the website, you can make those requests on the forum as well. Outside of video feedback, there are no other tools that keep track of your practice time or progression.

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PianoKeyz teaches you piano with video tutorials for players of all skill levels. If you want feedback on your progress, you can upload videos to the website and have the instructor provide you with feedback on your playing. We had a pleasant overall experience with the lessons we took even though the first two are the longest out of the bunch. There is a good flow to the lessons that will keep you engaged and coming back for more.

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