Pros / This service has a one card minimum to assure you like it before ordering in bulk.

Cons / There are no color options available for envelopes.

 Verdict / Mixbook doesn’t do ornament-shaped cards and a few other extras, but the designs and the finished product are of high quality.

Mixbook offers many attractive designs to choose from, especially the Christmas photo cards. This photo card maker does not offer all of the features and frills that some services do, but it is still a strong contender in the field.

Mixbook isn’t an expensive service, but it won’t be the most economical option either. When ordering a set of 15 cards, the price is roughly $1.88 per card. This is slightly more than the average price per card. Mixbook does offer large quantity discounts so you can save when ordering more cards and often runs discount promotions. When we looked into ordering the least expensive cards, we found that we could order 13 with taxes and shipping included for under $35. This is a bit on the expensive side but is definitely not as much as some other services. If you’re looking for something cheaper, consider Amazon Prints.

We ordered a satin card and a luxe board card. Our experts found that both printed with excellent coloring but the luxe card came out a little grainy. Both cards are double sided making them appear fancier. The satin card is thicker than regular photo paper, which makes it a step up from other services. The luxe board is very thick and feels nice in your hand. You will find the the Mixbook logo on the left corner on both cards’ backsides. Our panel of testers loved the envelopes since they feature a good texture and are thicker than average.

Some competitors offer another dimension to cards with embossing and laser cutting; Mixbook's cards still are two-dimensional, but very attractive – enough that you won't miss the texture options or ornament-shaped cards offered by others. In fact, our panel of reviewers gave Mixbook one of the highest scores for design. The templates are gorgeous and suitable for many different occasions. Plus, the graphics come together in a range of styles, so you'll likely find one that complements your photos. With the service, you can make photo cards, photo books and personalized calendars as well. All the keepsake designs are good quality.

A few more options for envelopes would be nice, especially since some competitors offer different colors and coordinating envelope liners for a unified look. Since the envelope is usually torn apart and immediately thrown in the recycling bin, it may not be a huge problem to have just the plain white one that comes with a Mixbook card.

One nice thing about this service is the one-card minimum. You don’t have to order 25 cards or even 10 at a time. However, if you’re making a bulk order, be aware that Mixbook does not provide free paper proofs. Instead, you can purchase one card as a proof and then buy your design in bulk later. This policy may be an issue if you're on a tight budget or schedule, since it takes some extra time and adds a second shipping charge.

This site lets you import photos from both online storage and social media. If a photo is too small for the area designated on your photo card, you’ll see a warning icon indicating you need a photo with higher resolution. This is usually a simple fix, requiring you to resize the image.

Mixbook has an extensive selection of holiday photo cards and templates. You can choose from dozens of party invites, birth announcements, graduation announcements, wedding invites and more. You can also start out with just a blank template and create a card that is entirely your own. In addition, this picture card service offers response card templates.

If you have trouble while designing or ordering your photo cards, Mixbook offers support resources to help you along the way. You can reach a representative through email or live chat, and there are extensive FAQs on the website that provide additional assistance for any complications that may arise. Additionally, if you are not completely satisfied with your order, the company offers a refund through its satisfaction guarantee.

Our panelists gave this service the highest score for design quality for a reason. With so many different styles and themes, you are sure to find templates for cards, birthday cards, baby shower invitations, graduation invitations or other greetings from Mixbook that fit the occasion. A few more options for envelopes would be an added advantage, but Mixbook is still one of the best options for photo cards – holiday or otherwise – that we reviewed.

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