Pros / You can customize how the text is displayed to reduce eye strain.

Cons / It doesn’t include any educational training games.

 Verdict / The Reader's Edge offers great flexibility for multiple users, and its many exercises and tests are helpful and easy to use.

The Reader's Edge employs effective teaching techniques to help you master the skill of speed reading. The software is visually appealing and easy to use. In addition, due to its handy features, large reading library as well as customer support, this program is one of our top-reviewed speed reading software programs.

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Exercises & Tests

The Reader’s Edge is accessible for readers ages five and older, with grade-appropriate reading material. However, it doesn’t come with any educational games, which may reduce the appeal for younger users. If you want a program with some games and more engaging learning activities, we recommend 7 Speed Reading, our top pick. 

When you first start using The Reader’s Edge, the software prompts you to take an initial speed-reading assessment to evaluate your current reading pace. The software guides you through detailed lessons with step-by-step instructions. The Reader’s Edge explains lesson objectives up front so you know the purpose of each exercise before you begin. At the end of each lesson, you take either a reading speed or comprehension test.

Settings & Resources

Built in to the software are 300 eBooks, which you can use to train with or read for personal pleasure. You can also import your favorite texts or connect the software to your browser to have its speed-reading functionality while you read the news or emails online. The software lets you set a words-per-minute goal that you can work toward. While reading, you can manually choose your own reading speed or let the software automatically adjust it as you progress.

The software also gives you the option to customize the text you see displayed, which helps reduce possible eye strain as you train and test. Depending on which exercise or test you’re working on, you also see the text switch in how it is displayed. Sometimes all of the text is displayed on the screen at one time; other times, it only shows a few words or sentences, or it may flash a block of text.

Reporting & Security

You can download The Reader’s Edge directly from the manufacturer’s website, which takes only a couple minutes and is easy to do. The basic version only allows three user accounts on three different computers. The company also offers a network edition that supports an unlimited number of user accounts and a professional version that supports an unlimited number of users on a maximum of two computers. These versions are ideal for use in schools and learning centers. If you want a program for a large classroom or an enterprise-level account, we recommend AceReader because it has the best administrator reporting tools of all the programs we researched.

Versions allowing for multiple users come with administrative controls, which let you control software settings, test and exercise options, and view user test results. Each user’s account is password-protected, maintaining privacy between users. Each user can also track their words-per-minute rate and see their own test scores.

Help & Support

This speed reading software has a comprehensive and well-organized help menu that lets you browse topics by keyword, and it explains every part of the application thoroughly.

You can contact the manufacturer by email or telephone. As most top speed-reading programs do, The Reader's Edge offers a money-back guarantee. With the purchase of this accelerated reading software, you get free updates for life. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X systems.


The Reader’s Edge is a great speed reading software program that offers full functionality for any reading level or quantity of users. It comes with a large variety of eBooks you can use to polish your skills with plus a variety of exercises and tests. The program is easy to use and comes with administrator rights, which makes it a good fit for schools or large organizations.

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