Riccar Deluxe Brilliance vacuum review

The Riccar Deluxe Brilliance is an upright vacuum cleaner that is now only available second hand.

Riccar Deluxe Brilliance review

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Riccar uses metal moving parts rather than plastic, so you can expect durability. This vacuum cleaner has the features you expect in a high-end vacuum cleaner, such as a low-profile design, roller brush shut-off and suction control.


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    The hose gives you incredible suction strength for cleaning hard-to-reach places


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    The manual height adjustment switch is hard to reach

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The Riccar Deluxe Brilliance upright vacuum cleaner is a versatile cleaner that has exceptional cleaning performance and features. This bagged upright earns our respect for its outstanding filtration and maneuverability and a hose that retains full power when you are using its cleaning tools.

Now only available second hand, this vacuum does still have its strengths. To read about other vacuums we've reviewed and to see which we think is best, head to our guide on the best vacuum cleaners for home.  

Riccar Deluxe Brilliance vacuum cleaner: Features

Most upright vacuum cleaners use a bypass motor design that provides strong hose suction or a direct air motor that provides excellent floor suction. Riccar uses air technology that provides both floor and hose suction, giving it the versatility you need to clean a wide variety of surfaces.

The Riccar Deluxe Brilliance has a sealed system, which means a rubber lining protects each compartment of the machine so air carrying fine dust particles and allergens do not escape through the seams of the machine. It effectively retains dust in its bag instead of blowing dirty air back into your home.

Its HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of pollen, animal dander, and tiny dust particles, making it ideal if you suffer from allergies. The vacuum bag is composed of seven layers to keep allergens from escaping, and pet owners will appreciate its charcoal filters that help eliminate unpleasant odors.

This model has a manual height adjustment so you can raise and lower the machine to clean a variety of surfaces. However, the controls are not convenient to reach; you have to bend to reach them. The cleaner works well on high-pile carpets and you can turn off the roller brush to clean flat surfaces. The machine has variable suction control settings so you can turn it down for cleaning light rugs and curtains. On the lower setting, it doesn't pull your curtains into the hose – it just skims over them, gently removing surface dust and cobwebs.

This vacuum cleaner has a built-in motor protection indicator. The indicator lets you know when the dust bag is full or there is a blockage. It also has an auto shut-off feature, so if you run over a shoe, the machine will turn itself off. This will protect the motor and keep it from overheating.

Riccar Deluxe Brilliance vacuum cleaner: Performance

Unlike lesser-quality vacuum cleaners, Riccar constructs its moving components out of metal rather than plastic, giving it extra durability. It is equipped with reinforced metal pivots and a stainless steel bottom plate that won't easily break or fall apart.

With metal parts, it is heavier than other cleaners are, weighing 20 pounds. It is easy to handle and maneuvers well under beds and low furniture, so you hardly notice the weight. The machine is equipped with a row of LED headlights that allow you to see if you have missed a spot. The lights are particularly useful for cleaning areas with poor lighting, such as dark closets. With a 32-foot power cord, you can transition from room to room without having to change electric outlets, which makes it easy to use. For an alternative cordless vacuum option, check out our Dyson V11 Torque Drive review.

This vacuum can recline flat to the floor, allowing you to reach under low furniture without lifting or moving it. Only the best vacuum cleaners have this feature; it spares you from having to use the attachment to clean under couches and coffee tables.

This machine comes with an 8-foot hose and wand for cleaning ceiling cobwebs. It has plenty of other tools as well, including an upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. Unlike most cleaners that have weak hose suction, the motor design gives the cleaner extra suction that is great for cleaning stairs and removing annoying pet hair from furniture. The tools are housed on the machine so you don't have to bend to reach them.


Should you buy the Riccar Deluxe Brilliance vacuum?

The Riccar Deluxe Brilliance is a well-rounded machine that has all of the qualities you'd expect in an upright vacuum cleaner. It has excellent cleaning performance on all surfaces, outstanding filtration features, and easy maneuverability. However, it is a little heavy so for a lighter option, head to our Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352 review.

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