Haier HLC1700AXW Review

The Haier HLC1700AXW is a compact washer dryer combo with 11 wash cycles and four dryer cycles and an average capacity.

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This midrange machine is a good value and great for a vacation home or apartment.


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    The Haier HLC1700AXW has an auto load sense that adjusts appropriate water levels to your load of wash.


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    There is no vibration reduction technology.

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The Haier HLC1700AXW is a compact washer dryer combo with 11 wash cycles and four dryer cycles and an average capacity. You’ll be able to wash up to 8 pounds of laundry at a time, and there are enough options to customize the cycle according to the types of items you are cleaning. This is a mid-range washer dryer combo that has some nice features like an auto load sensing system.

Like many of the washer dryer combos in our lineup the Haier only requires a water hookup and is a great fit if you live in a place where external venting is not an option. All-in-one washer dryers are generally designed to fit in a confined space for vacation homes, apartments, cabins or other places with limited space and availability of laundry hookups. The Haier washer dryer is no exception. In terms of height, width and length it will fit in whatever space is available, whether it’s in a closet or under a cabinet.

In terms of energy efficiency, this is one of the best washer dryer combos in our lineup. It ties for the lowest estimated operating costs at only $8 a year. Part of its energy efficiency is due to its auto load sensing feature, which measures the load size to determine the amount of water necessary for each wash cycle. Over time this saves a lot of water.

It also has some nice options in terms of washing and drying cycles. This machine uses hot water to deep clean whites and heavy-duty loads. While there isn’t an anti-wrinkle cycle specifically, the Perm Press cycle has a slow spin speed to reduce the incidence of wrinkling. Other cycles include a quick wash option if you just need to freshen up some lightly soiled clothes and a soaking cycle if you’re trying to remove deep stains.

The dryer cycles include an auto dry, timed dry and timed dry with no heat. The auto dry varies according to factors like weight and moisture levels. The timed dry cycles can be set manually. The no heat cycle option is, of course, safe for delicate fabrics. This washer dryer has a delay wash cycle that lets you start a wash cycle anytime during a 24-hour period if you, for instance, want a load of wash to be finishing up when you return home from work. This washer dryer doesn’t have technology specifically designed for vibration reduction, but its adjustable legs will help stabilize it, especially if it is sitting on uneven ground. If you are very concerned about noise and vibration, consider one with specific features for controlling vibration like the Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH.

The Haier washer dryer combo has an unusual warranty that extends beyond that of most similar models. The parts and labor warranty is a standard one year. However, for the second to fifth year Haier will provide assembly if the cabinet rusts through. Haier will also replace the wash tub from the second to seventh year if there is a problem with it.

The Haier HLC1700AXW is an energy-efficient combination washer dryer with a generous warranty and a few features that set it apart from much of the competition. It has an automatic load sense to adjust water levels to each load. This contributes to an estimated $8 a year to operate, which is lower than any other washer dryer in our lineup. This washer dryer has nine washer cycles and three dryer cycles that let you refine the way you wash and dry different types of clothing. It is a good value for a midrange unit.

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