Summit SPWD2200W Review

The Summit SPWD2200W washer dryer combo has 2 cubic feet of washing and drying capacity and a big, easy-to-read digital display.

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The Summit SPWD2200W has a bright display and enough wash cycles and temperature settings to wash clothes quickly the way you want.


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    It has a bright, multi-functional digital display.


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    This machine lacks an automatic load sense for detecting how much water each cycle requires.

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The Summit SPWD2200W washer dryer combo has 2 cubic feet of washing and drying capacity and a big, easy-to-read digital display. It’s compact, though slightly bigger than two feet in length, meaning it could stick out a bit in smaller closets. It has several washer settings and competes with the best washer dryer combos in functionality.

The machine has 14 different washing cycles, and that's impressive. This is one of the better machines for other options too, as it allows you to control several different settings, such as spin speed. There is lots of selection for water temperatures also. Using the lowest temperature possible will save you some water heating expense. There is also an option that creates your favorite cycles for quick operation.

This washer dryer doesn’t come with automatic load sense, so the machine may use more water than a load size requires. By nature, washer dryer combos are not the most energy efficient machines in the world. Yet this unit is better than average when it comes to energy efficiency and only costs approximately $10 a year to operate. If you prefer to have automatic load sense, though, consider the Haier HLC1700AXS.

The SPWD2200W has a child lock and the ability to delay your wash for a time when you’re out of the house. This is a nice feature since there is no vibration reduction or the ability to silence signals. If the load gets uneven, you should expect the machine to be a bit louder than others we reviewed.

The warranty on parts, labor, drum and motor is just one year. That's pretty common ,but it is still sort of disappointing when compared to the others that offer much more coverage.

This is a good, small unit with a bright display and easy-to-understand controls, but it lacks some of the environmentally friendly functionality of other units. Without load sense, for instance, you end up using more water than necessary. It has a self-cleaning cycle to sanitize the drum and a delay start option, and you can create your own wash cycle for your favorite settings. Overall, this is a nice midrange washer dryer with plenty of options for getting your clothes clean.

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