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Alert1 Medical Alert Systems Review

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PROS / Alert1 Medical Alert Systems offers free monitoring for a spouse.

CONS / The backup battery on the base unit only lasts 24 hours.

 VERDICT / Great options, such as multilingual support, make the Alert1 medical alert system an attractive option.

Alert1 is a medical alert system that works in every state in the United States. The company offers both agreeable terms and a variety of monitoring devices. You don't pay installation or activation fees, and the service doesn't require a long-term contract. This alert company is also one of the few that offers multilingual support. Its services cover up to 190 languages. Alert1 is also one of the few services we reviewed that offers free monitoring for a spouse. However, you do need to buy an additional alert button for the extra person.

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Alert1’s standard medical alert system costs $39.95 per month if you choose to pay month to month. This makes it one of the more expensive medical alert systems. However, if you choose the annual payment option, which is about $359.40 a year, you can lower the monthly cost by almost $10. The service’s premium option, Mobile Fall Detection, costs about $60 a month if you choose the monthly payment. The annual payment, which is about $600, lowers the monthly cost by about $10. Still, the cost of the premium package is on par with most medical alert systems.

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The heart of the Alert1 Medical Systems is its console, which includes a microphone and speaker. The console has a large emergency button that you press in the case of an emergency. This base station console is in direct contact with the Alert1 monitoring center and connects you with a responder in seconds. The responder then contacts your family members, neighbors or emergency services, depending on whom you chose to be your primary contacts when you initially start the service.

Alert1's base console comes with a matching pendant, which you can wear around your neck or on your wrist for easy access. The pendant operates up to a range of 600 feet from the console, both indoors and out, allowing you the freedom to go in your yard and garden with no worry for your safety. The backup battery for the base station is 24 hours, which is one of the lowest battery lives out of comparable systems. However, it should be enough to cover most power outages.

The Alert1 Medical Alert Systems pendant also gives you the ability to answer incoming phone calls. Simply press the pendant to answer the phone through the console, then you can speak into the console at a normal volume like you would a phone receiver. This means you don't have to hurry to pick up the phone and risk tripping.

There are other premium safety features available from Alert1's services in addition to the console and help pendant. For a one-time fee, Alert1 offers lockboxes in which you can store a house key in case emergency personnel need to enter your home when the door is locked. Any person who uses the service can order a lockbox.

To guarantee that Alert1 responders can hear you no matter where you are in your home, the company sells voice extenders. Voice extenders make it easier for Alert1 personnel to hear you and vice versa, and they are ideal for two-story or larger homes. This feature enhances two-way communication with the monitoring center, so you're more likely to be in hearing range if an accident happens. If needed, you can get additional call buttons for your hallway and bathroom areas. If the monitoring center receives your call but cannot hear you, they call your emergency contacts.

You can contact the company for help by phone and by email. Additionally, Alert1 provides detailed FAQs on its website to help you before and after you sign up for its services.


The Alert1 Medical Alert Systems delivers round-the-clock medical monitoring with additional safety features – all at a fair price with great terms. You don't have to worry about the stress of fees or contracts. Its medical alert devices work at an industry-average range. Its estimated battery life for the base station is one of the lowest of comparable products. The company also offers great features like free monitoring for a spouse. From the impressive monitoring features to the high quality responders, the Alert1 Medical Alert System is a great medical monitoring service to consider.

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