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i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7 Review

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i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7 by Abyss Media Company is voice recording software that allows direct recording using generic audio drivers in operating system like Windows Vista and Windows 7. i-Sound does not require enabling the Wave Out Mix or Stereo Mix function to record audio output from the sound card (these functions have been hidden and disabled in Windows Vista and Windows 7). If you're running on an older operating system, consider i-Sound WMA Recorder Pro.

i-Sound also offers real time audio compression, advanced recording scheduler and even voice activated recording.

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Audio Feed/Input Source

i-Sound supports audio input from any source, including microphone and Line-in, all playback via sound card (with and without the use of the Stereo Mix setting) and by a “Loop Cable”.

The Mixer Window in the Settings options offers defining the playback, recording device and recording source.

A ”Mixer Lock” is also available to prevent the mixer switching to other software programs during a recording secession.


i-Sound features an integrated record timer in the Automation window that can be used to define the duration of recordings. The Advanced Recording scheduler can be accessed by clicking on the “Scheduler” button on the main application window. This powerful tool can be easily used to schedule recordings with advanced options like the start and stop time of a recording, fixed day for recording, and repeated recordings on weekly basis. Each recording schedule can then be assigned an event name and several events can be added to perform multiple scheduling tasks.

The voice-activated recording tool (available via the Settings option on the main application window) is yet another very useful tool for voice recording software. This tool allows the automatic commencement of a recording secession once i-Sound registers an audio signal beyond the input level threshold (set in decibels).

As i-Sound supports numerous audio feed/input options, CDs can be ripped in digital or analog format, though there is no specific tool like “CD Grabber” to perform this function.
Files can be ripped to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and APE formats and their sample and bitrates configured using the Settings, Codecs option. Unfortunately, i-Sound does not offer any tool for burning optical media

Filter/Effect/Edit Options

Low Pass, High Pass and Notch filters are available through the Settings, Filter option in i-Sound. The Automation option features an auto splitter, which can be set to split voice recording at set time intervals.

Supported Formats

i-Sound can open and save files to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and APE formats.

Ease of Use

i-Sound Recorder’s simple and well planned layout is a pleasure to work in. Most of the tools and features are easy to find, understand and use. The Advanced Scheduler and Auto Splitter can really make voice recording operations a breeze in this software. However, the ID3 Tag Editor is strangely accessed by clicking “Eject” on the main application window.

Help and Support

The bundled files are good enough, but could be improved with more detailed explanations, which would be especially useful to new users. Along with the bundled help files, the developers website, www.abyssmedia.com offers email support, a user forum and FAQs section to further aid its users.


i-Sound Recorder is a good choice for voice recording software. Some of the most important features like universal audio input and tools like voice-activated recording and a recording scheduler are present. The absence of a dedicated burning tool is a major constraint on the software capabilities, but this can be overcome by using a dedicated media burning software like Abyss Media Audio CD Burner.

i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7 Visit Site