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Pros / LifeShield has some of the lowest monitoring fees we've seen.

Cons / The equipment only has a one-year warranty.

 Verdict / LifeShield has affordable monitoring services and no contract, but it's warranty and smart home options are limited.

LifeShield's main goal is to provide a quality home security monitoring service with cutting-edge wireless technology that is easy to install – all for a reasonable price. The company began with these goals in mind because all the big names in the business are quite expensive. One of the reasons it is able to offer its services for much less than most other security services charge is because it has designed its own equipment.

Currently, the company's working to win back customers after its shutdown following AT&T's merger with DirecTV, it's previous owner. The company is currently under ownership of its original owner, Hawk Capital Partners, which sold it to DirecTV back in 2013.

LifeShield has spent years designing and improving upon current home security equipment to bring you wireless devices on the cutting edge of technology. Also, since the company makes the gear, it is also the resident expert on it and can guide you through any difficulties or questions you may have.

The monitoring fees with LifeShield are the lowest we've seen in a home security provider. For example, the company's two plans, Security Essentials and Security Advantage cost only $20.99 and $24.99 a month respectively. At the time of writing this review, the company is giving a free year of monitoring to new customers, but we don't include promotional offers in our scoring.

Unlike most home security providers, LifeShield doesn't have a minimum contract, which means there aren't any fees for canceling service before your contract's up. The trade-off is that you need to pay upfront for the equipment and activation, which is around $219.99. There's no installation fee because the company preprograms the equipment and you install it after it's shipped to your home.

There is a downside to using LifeShield's equipment, the company doesn't offer all the devices that other companies do. In time this may change, but currently it doesn't offer recessed door sensors or any home automation devices. If the lack of any of those devices is a concern for you, you will have to look elsewhere.

One of the great things about LifeShield is the interactive access it offers. Most companies, such ADT and Frontpoint, require you to pay extra for the ability to use a mobile app to control your security system. That is not the case with this home security monitoring company. The app is free, and so is the ability to access your system remotely. With some reworking, LifeShield could be a short jump from providing an inexpensive home automation system via its apps.

The support and information that LifeShield Security provides for its current and potential users is great in most regards. The company offers online information such as FAQs and tutorials to help you set up your system and troubleshoot it. The information covers all the basic questions that the average person wonders about. The support team, which you can contact via social media, email, phone or live chat, can answer any additional questions you have. The company only offers a one-year warranty on its equipment, which pales in comparison to the lifetime warranties offered by ADT and Brinks Home Security.

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