StubHub Review

It’s easy to buy and sell sports tickets through StubHub.

Our Verdict

StubHub is an affordable secondary market ticket website that earned an A+ in our price comparison test.


  • It has affordable tickets.


  • Like most ticket websites, its return policy isn’t great.
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It’s easy to buy and sell sports tickets through StubHub. Using the free text search tool, you can search by event, artist or team, and the website has a clean design that is uncluttered and pleasant to look at. However, it is a little frustrating to search by category – you really need to know what you're looking for because it automatically searches in the location of your IP address. As such, it is difficult to search by region. Results from the free text search feature are very accurate though.

Once you click on the game you want to attend, you see a small tab noting how many other people are viewing the event. You can filter your ticket results by lowest price, best value or best seats, with value noted by a small blue bar graph. When you hover over tickets or the arena map, the site shows you a point-of-view photo from that section, so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally ending up in seats with an obstructed view. If you don't want to make a decision right away, you can set up email price alerts as well.

We searched all the websites we tested for three specific sporting events and compared the base ticket prices. A big reason StubHub is our best value pick is it earned an A+ in this test, having some of the most affordable tickets out there. The site’s fees on a $25 ticket came out to a mere $8, which is impressive compared to sites like Ticket Liquidator and Ticket Network, whose fees come out to be about three-quarters of the cost of the ticket itself. Even though we found affordable tickets on StubHub, it is a secondary market website, which means it sells tickets from other users and licensed ticket brokers. As such, depending on the event, there can be some price markup.

This website’s return policy is similar to most of the ticket websites’. You’re guaranteed to get a valid ticket in time for the event, but you only get a refund if the event is fully canceled. You don’t get your money back if it’s merely rescheduled. This website also lacks a rewards program, but its affordable tickets are enough to make up for that. It’s also an authorized ticket resale marketplace for the NFL, so don’t think twice about shopping around for professional football tickets.

StubHub takes a 10 percent fee from your profits when you resell tickets on the site. This is pretty typical for websites that offer this service. Everything StubHub offers is available through its free mobile app as well. You can view seats on the interactive map, and it’s easy to share what you’re looking at with friends because of the app’s iMessage integration. You can buy everything you need for game day, including parking passes for some events.