Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 review

The Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 is a powerful battery mower that will make short work of self-driving up hills.

Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 Review
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The Toro 60V Max 22 is a solid and powerful battery mower that offers up to half an acre of cutting on a battery while pulling itself along using an intuitive self-propulsion system. Cleaning, maintenance and adjustments are easy plus you're backed by up to three years of warranty cover. A superb mower backed by a history of experience combined with a modern way to keep your yard maintained.


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    Long battery life

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    22-inch cutting deck


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    Single battery system

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The Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 is a powerful and large decked battery mower from one of the biggest names in garden maintenance. As such you get a wealth of experience backing this modern style of battery mower.

This model is able to mow up to half an acre with the larger of the two battery options, making it one of the longest life models out there. This is especially impressive when you consider this is also self-propelled. 

This is a comparably light mower, making it easy to use and ideal for zipping about small to medium sized yards, especially if there are lots of intricate turns to be made.

Easy to use features like a quick adjust mulch mode lever and a wash out port offer unique user friendly appeal. The longevity of battery life, combined with a decent three year limited warranty, and the support of over 4,000 service centres in the US, make this a very smart choice of mower for the longer term.

Is this the best battery lawn mower for you? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 review: Design and build

  • 22-inch steel deck
  • Foldable for vertical storage
  • Lightweight

The Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 uses the now famous Recycler steel deck. This is one of the best out there for any mower, gas or electric. That means superb performance and particularly good mulching if that's a feature you need.

The deck itself is a 22-inch unit meaning you get a very wide coverage area (more than the likes of the EGO Power+ 21-inch LM2100 and Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410, for fewer runs up and down your lawn required. The deck can be adjusted, with a quick adjust handle, through seven heights from as low as one inch and right up to four inches.

The handle section can be folded over to save what the company says is an impressive 70 percent on storage space. This is also achieved thanks to the ability to store the mower in an upright position. 

This model features a wash-out port which allows you to attach your hose pipe to shoot water into the rear, cleaning out the deck of the mower. When some electric mowers specifically advise you not to use your hose, this is a very appealing feature here. 

The 11-inch rear wheels are a nice addition that makes this great for all yards even those with more uneven levels, or rough parts that need to be bumped over to get to the grass.

Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 review: Features

  • Self-propelled
  • Smart battery tech
  • Brushless motor

The Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 uses a DC brushless motor which means it's able to offer plenty of power without using too much of the battery's charge. It should also mean that the life of the motor is far greater than a brushed alternative.

The Personal Pace self-propulsion system from Toro is made to ensure your experience is as natural as possible. As such this intelligently detects your forward pressure, from leaning into the handle, and adds drive power through the rear wheels to pull the mower along. That should mean the ideal traction and power combination to keep you moving regardless of hills or flats.

The power of the motor is intelligently applied by the mower. That means that if you hit a tough bit of grass there will be more power applied so you can keep cutting through. But on the flip of that it means when more power isn't needed the mower can revert to a more steady pace and save on battery life.

You have the option to bag your cuttings, mulch or to use the side discharge to send all the waste back onto the lawn.

Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 review: Performance

  • Half acre battery performance
  • Great self-driving and power
  • Easy clean and storage

The Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 has lots of power when it's needed with that smart adaptive delivery working well. Hit a rough patch and you have the power to keep going without slowing, but when you get to easy maintenance cut sections you'll keep cruising without using as much power. This applies to the smart self drive too, which adapts naturally when you go up or down slopes. It's not something you have to think about, making the job easier.

The battery life is really great with a third of an acre on the 6Ah battery or a good half acre of cutting when using the 7.5Ah battery. So which one you go for depends on your yard size since you'll get the same powerful performance regardless. That continues right up until the battery dies, there's not a weakening towards the end.

The hose pipe port is a nice addition but in reality it's still more effective to just stand the mower vertically and blast off the underside of the deck that way. Since you can store this vertically you'll probably be getting it into that position anyway so you might as well blast it that way, meaning the hose port likely won't get used much.

Height adjustment and bag removal and replacement are easy with simple to use and well made fittings. The ability to switch into mulching mode with a simple lever flip was a nice touch that makes other mowers, that use a plug you have to store, seem really old fashioned. 

Despite the large 22-inch deck, those 11-inch wheels really make this easy to maneuver and the overall weight is nice and light at 83 pounds, without feeling flimsy. Light enough for easy storage vertically, but heavy enough for a solid and steady performance even over bumps.

Should I buy the Toro Recycler 60V Max 22?

If you want a reliable brand that gives you a large and solid deck, long battery life and smart self-propulsion -  all backed by a decent warranty - then this is for you. The lightweight and easy storage are nice additions for anyone that doesn't have a lot of storage space but still wants a full sized mower. 

If you want to cover a larger yard space you might consider a model with dual battery ports, or invest in a second battery to keep you going.

If you're still set on a gas mower, then check out our round up of the best gas lawn mowers, while those with big lawns will want to take a look at our guide to the best ride on lawn mowers.

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