Pros / Ticketmaster not only offers tickets at face value, but it also provides paperless tickets, VIP parking and a mobile app that makes it convenient to purchase tickets on the go.

Cons / This service doesn't have price alerts to help you know when ticket prices have dropped.

 Verdict / Ticketmaster is the definitive source for online tickets and is the best place to start looking for concert tickets online.

Ticketmaster is the primary source for almost all ticketed events. This exclusive initial access to concert tickets is one of Ticketmaster’s best features but it comes with some unique issues. It can sell out quickly, sometimes even within minutes after the event's tickets have gone up for sale. It also does not have a flat service fee, as it negotiates this with the entertainers and venues. Nonetheless, it is one of the only online concert services where buyers can purchase tickets at face value.

In the majority of the concerts we examined, Ticketmaster had the best prices. Prices will vary once service fees are considered; however, Ticketmaster will show you the final price before you commit to purchase. 

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Service Features

Ticketmaster's range of features sets it apart from the competition. Because it's a primary ticket broker, you can find VIP tickets and plans, parking passes, and more on this website when they are available.

You have a variety of options for buying tickets. You can have paper tickets delivered to you or have this service email you electronic versions that you can print up yourself. If you'd rather pick up the tickets, Ticketmaster not only has will-call options at the event venue but also the option to pick up your tickets at participating stores, including at select locations of Walmart, Publix, Kroger and other stores. Very few sites offer this, primarily because tickets are going from seller to buyer, but Ticketmaster is in charge of all of its own tickets.

If you are worried about losing or misplacing tickets, you can get the paperless option, also known as "flash seats." In this case, the credit card you used to buy the ticket becomes your ticket. Take it and a photo ID with you to the event, and a simple swipe to verify your purchase gets you in. This is only with participating venues, and you cannot resell paperless tickets, but it's a convenient option.

The mobile app is a terrific function if you like to purchase tickets on the go. If you're having a night out and decide on the fly to go to an event, this app lets you search and purchase tickets from your phone or mobile device. Very few sites offer this convenience feature.

If you want to give the gift of music but don't know the recipient's schedule, Ticketmaster offers gift cards. These aren't valid for all events, and some are subject to state law that limits how long you can redeem them with Ticketmaster, so be sure to check the small print.

Ticketmaster does not have price alerts, but it does allow artists, promoters and venues to auction tickets and ticket packages through its concert ticket website. With auctions, you bid on the price of your ticket. Most ticket websites have fallen away from the auction method, using price alerts in its place.

If you are an artist or have an event you'd like to sell tickets to, Ticketmaster will assess your event and sell them at a commissioning fee you can negotiate with them. Ticketmaster will resell some tickets for approved concerts through its TM+ program at no fee. Otherwise, this service does not resell tickets purchased by others but does have a sister-site, TicketsNow, where you can do that.

Ordering Conveniences

Ticketmaster has several features that make locating and purchasing concert tickets easy.

One unique feature that Ticketmaster offers is a function to find the best available seats. Rather than choosing a seating section or price range, by checking the "find best available" box, Ticketmaster will present you with the best possible tickets. No other concert ticket website offers this feature, although some services say their customer support will help you find the best seats if you call.

The Ticketmaster webpage is easy to navigate. You can specify a particular event by searching for the artist, venue or city. You can also search by music genre.

Once you locate your specific band, venue or event, Ticketmaster presents the concert listings in chronological order, with those in your local area at the top of the list. The seating chart is not only interactive, but it shows the individual seats available, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Each step of the checkout process is timed. This unique feature keeps people from holding seats without purchasing. If you don’t complete each step within the allotted time, your tickets are no longer reserved and you have to start over.


With Ticketmaster, you are buying tickets directly from the source, so you don’t have to worry about the integrity of third-party ticket brokers or other resellers. The site itself is secure and the purchase section encrypted, so you can feel safe putting in your credit card information.

You can purchase event ticket insurance so that if an unexpected emergency arises, you can get a complete refund, including additional convenience fees and shipping charges. BCS Insurance supplies this service for an extra fee.

Help & Support

Ticketmaster offers several help options and support solutions throughout the entire process of locating and purchasing your concert tickets. You can call Ticketmaster by phone to order tickets or get help navigating the process online. Ticketmaster also has email assistance and thorough FAQs. It lacks a live-chat function, something several of its competitors feature.

If you are interested in learning more about your favorite bands or getting alerts on upcoming events, Ticketmaster has a newsletter, and its association with Live Nation gives you access to the latest news, plus fan videos and reviews.


Ticketmaster is a primary source for purchasing online concert tickets and it often has the best prices and availability. However, as a primary ticket broker, it can sell out quickly. Ticketmaster offers many other features great for concertgoers, including multiple ticket delivery options, fan reviews and a mobile app to let you buy tickets on the go. It's the best place to check first for concert tickets.

Ticketmaster Concert Tickets Visit Site

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