Pros / Ticketmaster has no fees on service or shipping.

Cons / There is no live chat service available for support.

 Verdict / Ticketmaster is the gold standard for sports tickets, whether you are looking for the best courtside seats or cheap game tickets.

Ticketmaster is a primary sports tickets source. When leagues and venues start selling tickets, they turn to Ticketmaster to be the ticket broker. This means that you don't have to deal with any intermediaries or worry about the authenticity of the tickets you purchase. Ticketmaster also has agreements in place with venues to provide you with an abundance of ways of receiving your ticket order, whether you want to pick it up at the kiosk after paying online, print it off at home, have it shipped to your house or show a barcode at the door on your phone. The excellence of its deals, availability and extra layers of security make Ticketmaster the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

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Ticketing Types & Costs

When you are looking for discount sports tickets online, many sites often provide a bait-and-switch style of pricing. The sites lower the face value of the tickets; however, they charge a higher fee on the back end. Ticketmaster charges a flat e-fee for its print-on-demand tickets and digital tickets, which you can present from your phone. Other websites charge extra for each ticket in your order. This quickly adds a mountain of fees to any cheap football ticket. In most cases, the site charges no will-call fee, as it is a primary ticket vendor.

After purchasing your ticket, you can select one of multiple delivery options, including will-call, e-delivery, print on demand and traditional mail delivery. Ticketmaster also provides easy ways to transfer your tickets to other individuals. If you can't make the game and you're giving the tickets to someone else, depending on your delivery method, you can email, digitally transfer or have them available for the second party at will-call.

Ticketmaster gives you the ability to see the best available ticket for the game you want to see. When you choose this option, it brings up the best seat regardless of price. If you are willing to pay for it, you can sit in the best seat available. If you are under a tighter budget restraint and want to get into the best seat you can afford, then Ticketmaster has customizable searches. You can set a limit on the amount you want to spend, and Ticketmaster shows you the best seat in that price range. This price filter is a great way to find cheap sports tickets that still give you options. Ticketmaster has an interactive map of most stadiums that provides you with an image of the field from where your seat would be.

Security Measures

Ticketmaster assures you that you are getting authentic sports tickets. It has a three-day return policy should you want to get a refund on the tickets you purchased before the event takes place. is a secure site with a privacy seal. This means that your information you enter to electronically purchase tickets is safeguarded against digital theft. Ticketmaster is a primary ticket source and a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, so you know that if the tickets you want to purchase for the big game come from Ticketmaster, they are legitimate.

User Benefits

You can get additional benefits by purchasing your tickets online through Ticketmaster. One of the real tricks to going to a game, especially an away game to follow your favorite team, is finding good parking. Ticketmaster gives you access to premium parking lots. This service comes with an additional fee, but paying for parking is normal for sports games. Usually the premium parking service reserves a parking spot for you, which is half the battle of stadium parking. Ticketmaster also has a rewards program, gift cards, and alerts on teams and locations.

Help & Support

Ticketmaster provides phone support and email support should you need to contact the company with an issue. It is prompt with its help and knowledgeable through both forms. It doesn't have a live chat option, which some other sites do include. Live chat is nice if you have a brief question about the tickets at the time of purchase. There is a FAQs section on the Ticketmaster website, which is helpful with common Ticketmaster questions.


Ticketmaster truly is the gold standard for buying sports tickets. It is a great service for both luxury and cheap game tickets. There is no live chat support, but the abundance of fee-free tickets and availability makes using the site quite simple. Plus, Ticketmaster's status as a primary ticket broker allows it to sell tickets for the best seats to almost every game.

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