In our research, we found Ticketmaster to be the best website for checking availability and for purchasing authentic tickets to NBA, NFL and NHL games. Because Ticketmaster is a primary ticket reseller for these three leagues, it can sell tickets for the best seats to almost every game.

When leagues and venues start selling tickets, they turn to Ticketmaster to be their ticket broker. This means you don't have to deal with any intermediaries or worry about the authenticity of the tickets you purchase.

Ticketmaster also sells verified tickets for the NBA, NFL and NHL through ticket exchanges where you can buy tickets from individual sellers. If you’re looking for last-minute tickets these exchanges are the best place to find authentic tickets. The prices of these tickets will fluctuate based on demand, however, so last-minute prices can be high.

In our real-world tests looking for tickets for an MLS game, an MLB game and an NFL game, Ticketmaster charged different service fees for each event. For the MLS game, our $26 tickets were charged a 20 percent service fee. For the MLB game, we weren’t able to find tickets for the Yankees vs. Red Sox on Ticketmaster’s main site. We did find the tickets on TicketsNow, an affiliate of Ticketmaster, listed with a 22.5 percent service fee. For the NFL game the final cost for the $280 tickets included a 24 percent service fee. For more clearcut pricing, we recommend that you purchase from SeatGeek because it shows you all the fees right from the beginning.

The average service fee for Ticketmaster came out to 22 percent, one of the lowest in our review, but higher than the 18 percent service fee of Coast to Coast Tickets.

When you search for tickets, Ticketmaster lets you search by lowest price or best seats. You can also set a limit on the amount you want to spend, and Ticketmaster shows you the best seat in that price range. This price filter is a great way to find cheap sports tickets that still give you options. When you click on a ticket option, a digital preview of the field or park pops up that lets you preview the view from your selected seats. If you like the tickets and are satisfied with the final price with the included fees, you can buy them.

After purchasing your ticket, you can select one of multiple delivery options, including will call, e-delivery, print-at-home, credit card entry or UPS two- or three-day delivery.

Ticketmaster also provides easy ways to transfer your tickets to other individuals. Depending on your delivery method, you can email, digitally transfer or have them available at will call.

This sports ticket website can also give you access to premium parking lots. Buying parking passes requires you to pay additional service and ordering fees, but most people going to a sporting event are prepared to pay for parking. A premium parking service reserves a parking spot for you, which is half the battle of stadium parking.

Ticketmaster provides phone support and email support as well as a FAQs section on its website. You can also download the Ticketmaster Event Tickets app for Android or iOS to browse or purchase tickets and use your digital tickets to enter your events.

With its wide selection of available tickets and access to authentic ticket exchanges for the NBA, NFL and NHL, Ticketmaster is one of the best sporting tickets websites we researched. Whether you’re looking for tickets for major sporting events or obscure contests, this company has a great reputation for online ticketing.

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