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Photobook America Review

PROS / Print quality is quite good with this photo book service.

CONS / There are comparatively few backgrounds to choose from.

 VERDICT / Photobook America offers a high-quality book in a hurry, though it does lack some features that we value.

Photobook America is not the easiest online photo book maker to use, but the resulting product allows you to preserve and protect your family's memories in a way that will make you proud. The project we made with this photo book maker was impressive in many ways, including a relatively speedy arrival, good quality pages and respectable print quality.

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There was a little bit of graininess discernable in some of the photos, but that was the case with most of the books we made as part of our photo book reviews. The pages are nice and thick and so is the cover. A flyleaf also adds to the professional and sturdy feel of the book from Photobook America. While we ordered the same style and size of book from every company, this company's book was noticeably pricey when compared to others.

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In terms of design elements, this site's offerings are somewhat limited. The best photo book sites offer thousands of backgrounds for making your pages. This site didn't even have 100 to choose from. There is a pretty good selection of full-book layouts, though, and there are some very attractive options among them for a variety of occasions. That way you don't have to cobble together a layout from scratch – just choose one you like and add your own photos.

Photobook America does not make the layout process as easy as it could be. For one thing, there are no alignment lines to help you know if your images are lining up along the same axis. There is an autofill feature, though, and you can upload photos from your Facebook account. Other photo books sites let you upload photos from a wider variety of social media sites, though.

This site is somewhat limited in terms of delivery options as well. It does not offer overnight delivery, international shipping or an in-store pickup option. Our book arrived really quickly, though, so you might not miss those other delivery methods.


Photobook America lacks some selection in terms of design elements, and the interface is not the most intuitive, but the book we made with this site was quite good, notwithstanding a few print quality issues. The truly-hard hardcover, thick pages and textured flyleaf combine to give this book a professional look and feel that will protect your memories in style.

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