Pros / Tiny Prints has the most attractive design templates in the industry.

Cons / The templates don't allow for much customization.

 Verdict / Tiny Prints is our favorite photo card service because its designs and options are truly impressive and the final printed card is of exceptional quality.

Editor's Note: Tiny Prints has informed us that they have been acquired by Shutterfly. While you can access their services through, Top Ten Reviews is no longer reviewing Tiny Prints. You can still access our review below.

Tiny Prints is a photo card service where you can create and customize stylish greetings for any occasion. We were impressed with how modern and creative many of the design templates are, along with their professional appearance. In addition, there is an extensive toolset to help you design a card and order it with ease.

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Quality & Services

The best photo cards start with companies that care about quality. This is obvious with Tiny Prints' template designs and paper quality as well the photo reproduction. The templates have lots of personality to match the occasion, especially when compared with other photo card printing services. We found photo cards with intricate text, shapes and embellishments next to stylish plain cards. Your selection depends on your personality and purpose.

This service can send you envelopes first, ahead of the cards, so you can address them and be ready to just put the card in the envelope, seal it and send it. Or if you're crunched for time, you can opt for the delivery service as well. This means Tiny Prints staffers will address, seal and mail your cards for you once you establish an address list as part of your account. It costs more, but having the mailing option is very nice, especially during busy holiday times.

Tiny Prints also offers a wide selection of envelopes and liners for added class and character. This service even offers a nice selection of trims for each of its cards. For a small added fee, you can add scalloped edges and other details to make your design memorable. There are also many template options with foil accents, which offers an extra bit of modern flair.

Template Selection

The Tiny Prints website is especially impressive, in quality and quantity, when it comes to the template selection for holiday photo cards. There are photo card sites with more designs, but none of them match the consistent quality of Tiny Prints. There are Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Halloween, Rosh Hashanah, Easter, Chinese New Year and many other cards. The templates are modern and attractive.

The non-holiday selection also is impressive. There are cards that can be personalized with a photo for new address announcements, thank you cards, graduations, birthday invitations and many more. You can access your photos from most social networking and photography sites. In addition to uploading from your own hard drive, Tiny Prints connects to Shutterfly, Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and SmugMug. Besides custom photos, you can apply different colors, trims or styles. Tiny Prints even makes suggestions for colors and fonts that fit with the overall style of the card.


Making a card your own with this service is fun and easy. The interface takes you through a series of filters until you find a template you like. From there, you drag and drop your photos where you want them and substitute your own text for the template text. You enter in the information for your card and Tiny Prints places it on the digital version of your photo card. However, if you want to customize your own photo card, the site can be frustrating to use. Breaking outside the templates is harder here than other services in our photo cards review, which let you delete text boxes and other features with ease.

If you want to stick closely to the already-attractive templates, you'll have no problems using Tiny Prints. One of our favorite customization features is the text color tool. Once you’ve entered your information, you can click anywhere in your text and you'll have several options for fonts and colors. The service does not offer unlimited colors, which is probably a good thing for many amateur card designers. It only offers colors that would look nice on the design of your card.

Help & Support

Tiny Prints' customer support is excellent. Customer representatives are available through plenty of resources, including phone, email and online chat. The company also guarantees your satisfaction. If you don’t like your photo cards, Tiny Prints reprints them at its own expense, unless it is your typo.

Perhaps the best evidence of how much the entire company is committed to exquisite design is the company blog, which offers advice on hosting great events, not just the invitations that precede them. There are even collections curated by big names in style.


A few photo cards services offer decent competition, but Tiny Prints comes out on top for its wide selection of gorgeous designs. The finished, printed cards are no less impressive, and the pricing is reasonable for what you get. Tiny Prints is easy to use and you will likely be thrilled with the results.

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