Pros / This program covers a variety of lesson content, including topics like grammar, reading, writing and pronunciation.

Cons / The interface is glitchy and crashed several times during our evaluation.

 Verdict / Despite the clunky and outdated-looking interface, Easy Spanish Platinum is a well-balanced program for all types of learners.

Easy Spanish Platinum is good software for learning Spanish quickly and on a budget. There are tons of lessons and activities for all learning levels in this software. The only trade-off for its low price is its poor interface.

There are plenty of lessons and lots of useful drills in this program, but its interface earned a low score for glitches and an outdated look. It took us several tries to download the audio lessons from Easy Spanish, because the program crashed when we clicked the icon. Easy Spanish also crashed mid-lesson on several occasions. The interface is easy to navigate but looks like it was published decades ago.

If you aren’t distracted by pixelated images or garbled audio, you can learn from the huge amount of content in this program. Easy Spanish Platinum is the only program in our review of the best learning Spanish software with all the lesson content we looked for. You can find reading, grammar, writing, vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation and cultural lessons throughout this software. Some of the content, like the writing sections, come in small doses. However, you can learn basic Spanish fast with all this content.

In terms of teaching tools, though, this program is limited. When you open Easy Spanish for the first time, the program prompts you to create a username. This is the key to all your lessons, whether you skip around or follow the lesson plan. The software saves all of your progress under your username, so you can pick up where you left off in later lessons. There’s extra content online but no dedicated lessons or lesson plans. The online portal leads you to cultural videos and extra games to hone your Spanish skills, but the videos are poor quality with grainy visuals.

If you can look past the low production quality, learners of all types can benefit from the exercises in Easy Spanish Platinum. The audio lessons are accessible from the home screen, but you may experience some trouble downloading them. They cover individual words to add to your vocabulary. The spoken sections contain a combination of challenging phrases, and the accuracy gauge gives you feedback on your pronunciation.

The videos in this program focus on cultural sites and festivals, so visual learners won’t pick up much Spanish from them. Easy Spanish does have flashcards paired with audio to help you match words to pictures.

Easy Spanish is a good choice for kinesthetic learners. There are plenty of games in and out of the software, like Go Fish, crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blank activities, to keep you interested in the lessons. Each game pairs with the lesson content you finished to make reviewing the language fun.

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  1. The higher the program's score, the better the overall appearance, function and direction of its interface.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 5  Easy Spanish
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  3. 100.0 %
  4. 2  Fluenz
    100.0 %
  5. 3  Ouino
    100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    87.0 %


Easy Spanish Platinum isn't a true immersion program, but you can still learn plenty of culture and vocabulary from it. If you can look past the glitchy interface, you’ll find this learn Spanish software has a lot of content to study. Easy Spanish Platinum covers all the lesson content we looked for and maintains a healthy mix of activities for all types of learners.

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