Pros / eScan has online backup to protect sensitive files in case of an attack.

Cons / It scores lower than average in protection and performance.

 Verdict / eScan has many great features for an internet security program, including parental controls and privacy settings, but it isn’t as effective at spotting and blocking malware as other software we reviewed.

eScan Internet Security and eScan Total Security are good at protecting your computer, though in third-party lab tests and in our own tests, eScan wasn’t as effective at stopping malware, especially newly found threats, compared to the best internet security programs. However, it still outperformed Windows Defender, the basic Microsoft internet security program that comes with Windows operating systems.

eScan also scored lower than average on performance tests because the program tends to hog a lot of your computer’s resources. We noticed while playing online that some games had a lapse that made it hard to play fast-paced games. There was even greater lag when running either eScan program on older versions of Windows. Third-party laboratories that tested eScan’s performance noticed the same slowdowns.

This internet security software has a dated look, but it is one of the few protection programs that is still compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. And eScan is easy to install, set up and manage. The dashboard displays the available features and functions. These include a personal firewall, antispam tools and privacy controls bundled inside eScan Internet Security, with the addition of a vulnerability scan and anti-theft tools in eScan Total Security.

When you first open the program, each tool is highlighted either red or green. Red means you need to enable the tool, while green means the feature is currently running. We were surprised that we needed to enable some basic functions, such as virus protection and email scanning. These typically are functional from the onset with other internet security programs.

Both the eScan internet and premium security suites include good parental controls, a personal firewall and password management. The firewall monitors the information communicated to and from your computer through your internet connection to make sure hackers and other snoops aren’t sneaking in to collect personal data. The password manager lets you save your login credentials in one place and use a universal login when you access online accounts. This protects your information from keyloggers and hackers, since the manager’s logins will be swiped and not the true username and password to your accounts.

The parental controls in both eScan Internet Security and Total Security let you create several user profiles and set filters for each family member. eScan automatically blocks inappropriate content based on the user’s age, which is broader than other programs that let you choose specific categories to block.

eScan's privacy settings let you determine whether to automatically clear search and browser history, block cookies and disable plugins that websites attempt to download, and install apps or browser extensions without your permission.

eScan Total Security, the company's premium protection solution, includes additional security features, most notably: a virtual keyboard that lets you sign in to programs and enter personal information while shielding it from keyloggers and other internet snoops; a vulnerability scan that looks for vulnerable, outdated software; and anti-theft tools that can remotely lock or erase files if your computer is lost or stolen.

Lacking in both eScan Internet Security and Total Security is mobile protection. Other internet security programs such as Norton tend to bundle it, but eScan instead offers this as a separate security program.

eScan offers 24/7 customer support through live chat and telephone. It also lists several online articles, FAQs and step-by-step processes for dealing with common program issues on your own.

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eScan Internet Security and eScan Total Security are decent protection software with useful features, including parental controls, a personal firewall and online backup. Total Security, eScan’s premiums security solution, also includes anti-theft tools and a vulnerability scanner. However, eScan performed lower than average for both protection and performance in independent tests.

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