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Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 Review

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PROS / Intego Mac Internet Security dominates test scores from independent test labs.

CONS / Access to help and support is not 24/7.

 VERDICT / Intego Mac Internet Security is a most effective software method to secure Macs.

Editor's note: Mac Premium Bundle X9 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: streamlined interface and faster performance. We will evaluate, rank and review the Mac Premium Bundle X9 when we next update the Mac Internet Security Software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Mac Premium Bundle X8.

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It turns out that Macs are not immune to malware after all, which is why you need Mac security such as Intego Mac Premium Bundle to sort out viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. Intego includes a proprietary software firewall to control intrusions and threats. Furthermore, it protects against phishing frauds. Malware protection happens in the background while every file is scanned when it is created, saved or copied. Always-on background scanning protects in real time, and you can perform manual scans at any time to seek for malware in files, folders or volumes. Intego also detects mounted drives automatically and scans them. Intego Mac Premium Bundle protects well enough to win the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award in the internet security for Mac product category.

  1. Test results from AV-Test, August 2014
    Higher is Better
  2. 1 Intego Mac Premium Bundle
  3. 100%
  4. 99.1%
  5. Category Average


A respected independent security software test lab, AV Comparatives, tested Intego in July 2014, and the software found every Mac malware sample. The following month, AV-Test, another excellent test lab, included Intego in similar tests and reported 98.3 percent detection of threat samples. Moreover, it did not slow host system speed to a noticeable degree. Its antiphishing ability is perhaps even more important than antimalware because hackers find it easier to trick human beings than to trick operating systems.


The interface of Intego's internet security for Mac adheres to the best Mac design practices, so Mac owners of every level of experience will enjoy the interface. Scans are efficient because Intego marks trusted folders so that it can increase scan speeds by not scanning folders it already knows to be safe. This Mac internet security software includes on-access and on-demand protections from viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. In fact it detects and defends against all sorts of malware: keyloggers, hacking tools, dialers, scareware and spyware. Its ability to clean Windows and Unix malware in addition to Mac OS malware means your Mac is less likely to infect others. Intego updates itself and maintains current virus definitions. The updates are small and do not slow down your system. There are filters to protect you from web threats such as phishing, malicious sites and ad banners.

Intego's Mac security is network aware. It can adjust itself to different levels of protection based on whether it finds itself connected to your home network or your work network. If you use a public hotspot, Intego can show you any adjacent devices that are attempting to access your computer so that you can separate friend from foe. Furthermore, if anything is devouring bandwidth, you can identify it and shut it down. The software also monitors the applications that use the network: It will block applications it does not recognize and permit those it does recognize. In order to allow you to conceal your habits from third parties, Intego can block applications from communication with internet domains that you can specify. In this way you can get the functionality that you want from the applications without allowing another entity to learn your personal habits.

Mac Premium Bundle folds in an identity scrubber, parental controls, a file shredder and personal backup. The identity scrubber secures the files that need special protection. In order to identify those files in the first place, this product knows how to recognize:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Health data
  • Bank accounts
  • Dates of birth
  • Phone numbers
  • Driver licenses
  • Personal addresses
  • Passport numbers
  • Passwords
  • Personal Identification Numbers

You can also run customer searches for specific keywords, and Intego will locate and remove them from wherever they appear.
Intego's parental controls let you set boundaries for your children in terms of where they visit and for how long. You can set up different profiles for each child according to age and maturity. You can keep an eye on activities by taking screenshots of what they are looking at, and you can record keystrokes. To keep children safe in internet chat sessions, you can monitor for inappropriate terminology and shut down chat sessions if they go out of bounds. The parental controls are something you can control from anywhere via web browser.

The backup utilities work with any folder or sets of folders on your Mac. You can back up data onto network drives, optical disks or disk images. You can also create a backup that is bootable so you can rebuild the Mac after a catastrophic failure. The backup utilities are sophisticated enough to allow for synchronized backups that maintain two locations as mirror images of each other.

Installation is without any surprise. Privacy features abound. You can use a data vault to keep sensitive information from escaping. If, for example, you enter credit card numbers or your social security number, the software keeps you from accidentally revealing them.

Help & Support

Intego customer support is available in English or French. There are answers to frequently asked questions online. You can upgrade or renew your license on the support page. The latest downloads are also there. An extensive knowledgebase is online along with every manual. When you discover malware, you can send it to the Intego Malware Research Team.


Make no mistake about the fact that Macs are increasingly under attack. As you go about finding the best internet security for Mac, Intego Mac Premium Bundle is one to consider. It detects malware at a high rate of accuracy. It saves you from phishing attempts. It doesn’t bog down your computer and it behaves exactly as you would expect of a Mac application. Its features are extensive. In addition to the features you expect in a Mac security product, it surprises with features that are rare among its competitors: a backup utility, parental controls and the ability to scan iOS devices attached to your Mac. Intego is one of the best internet security products for Mac.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 Visit Site