Espionage 3 Review

Espionage 3 is good file encryption software and one of only two solutions we reviewed that is compatible with Mac computers and laptops – the other being Concealer.

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Espionage 3 offers unique features that enhance security, such as Plausible Deniability, and combines them with a simple interface and secure AES 256-bit encryption.


  • +

    It is compatible with Mac computers.


  • -

    This program takes a long time to encrypt files.

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Espionage 3 is good file encryption software and one of only two solutions we reviewed that is compatible with Mac computers and laptops – the other being Concealer. It’s easy to install and use, and it did well in our overall tests. It doesn’t have many of the security tools we looked for, but it does have several unique features that aren’t found in other encryption programs we reviewed.

We used Espionage 3 to encrypt 63 files that total 134.5MB. It took over 18 seconds for the program to cipher all of the data. This doesn’t seem like a long time to wait for encryption, and it really isn’t. But if you encrypt 1GB of data, you’re look at about a 2.5-minute wait. This is one of the slowest encryption times of all the programs we tested. Deciphering the data took far less time – almost six times less. This is one of the few programs we reviewed that doesn’t change the encrypted file size at all, so you don’t have to find extra space on your hard drive because of bloated encrypted files and folders.

Espionage 3 doesn’t have tools like a password generator, file shredder or stealth mode. And if you lose or forget your passwords there isn’t any way to recover or reset them. You also can’t create self-extracting files, like compressed files, with Espionage 3. But it does have several unique features, like its ability to give you plausible deniability. This lets you create dummy files with their own passwords. If you’re forced to give up your passwords for encrypted files, you can give up one of the decoys and your files will remain secure. Espionage 3 includes a password strength meter, which gives you a good idea how solid or weak your passwords are.

The most important feature of Espionage 3 is the strong encryption algorithm it uses. The AES 256-bit key is used by the U.S. government to secure its classified documents, and that’s what this encryption program uses.

Espionage 3 is one of the best Mac encryption software choices available. It offers the strongest encryption algorithm out there, as well as plausible deniability so you can offer a set of files and folders that aren’t important to you. It doesn’t have common tools found in other encryption programs, including a password generator and file shredder.

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