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Pros / This credit repair company offers excellent credit education for its customers.

Cons / Lexington Law’s discount for couples isn’t as high as some of the other services we reviewed.

 Verdict / Lexington Law is one of the most trusted names in credit repair and gives you a dedicated paralegal to work with on your case as well as an affordable monthly fee.

Lexington Law offers credit repair service to its customers as a national law firm that specializes in helping clients dispute negative credit items with credit agencies and creditors. Lexington has the most in-depth education services of any credit repair service we reviewed and is the winner of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Support & Services

This credit repair company offers valuable education about what goes into your credit score and report and how this information can affect your life. Lexington offers videos, articles, courses, eBooks, regular emails and its customer portal to help you learn about the many facets of your credit score. The company gives clients the highest number of educational resources in our review.

Another aspect of Lexington’s service that sets it apart is the dedicated paralegal who is assigned to your case. This paralegal sends you biweekly updates of your progress and helps keep you informed throughout the credit repair process. If you need help or have questions regarding your account, you can call the customer service team at any time and get help as well.

When you sign up for service you are also given access to an online portal where you can review the progress that’s been made on your disputes and track the number of disputes that have been removed and your current credit score. Lexington Law is also one of the few services we reviewed that offers a smartphone app where you can check your progress as well.

Cost & Fees

For six months of its basic credit repair service, Lexington Law costs just under $600. This cost puts it in a similar range with most of the other credit repair services we reviewed, though there are companies in our review that have much lower costs for six months of basic service.

Lexington also offers higher tiers of service that give you access to personal finance tools, FICO Score reporting and help removing negative inquiries from your credit report. Paying more for the higher tiers of service also lets you dispute more negative items per month. On the Concord Standard and Concord Premier plans you can only dispute six items per month with each credit bureau. If you pay for the Premier Plus service, you can dispute eight items each month with each bureau.

Like all of the best credit repair companies, Lexington gives a discount to couples who sign up for credit repair together. The couples discount works out to be an 8 percent discount over six months. If both you and your spouse have poor credit and have negative items that you believe are incorrect, it makes sense to sign up together and clear both of your credit histories at a discount.

Before you can sign up for credit repair service with this company, you’ll need to order a full credit report. Lexington charges a fee for this report to be pulled, and you’ll be asked to pay this fee during your free consultation so your consultant can fully review your credit report and the negative items on it. Unfortunately, most of the credit repair companies we reviewed charge for this initial credit report.

Program Details

Like the best credit repair services we reviewed, Lexington Law will dispute erroneous negative items on your credit report with all three credit bureaus as well as with your original creditors. This is valuable because if the items are only removed from the credit bureaus’ records the creditors can submit the negative information again and the items will reappear on your credit report.

One nice benefit of working with Lexington for credit repair is the monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection that you can receive. These services are only available to you if you pay for the higher tiers of service. These services can be worth the extra money if you are worried about your identity or have experienced identity theft in the past.


Lexington Law is the best credit repair service in our review because of its excellent education, helpful customer service and beneficial extras with its higher levels of service. Credit repair can be helpful if you know that you have incorrect negative items on your report and if you’re trying to raise your credit score to qualify for a better loan rate. Because Lexington has been in the credit repair industry for so long it has an excellent reputation for quality service, and the three levels of service allow you to choose the service level that works best for your situation.

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