Pros / These lessons are well paced and cover many important practices and concepts needed to succeed in piano playing.

Cons / The video quality of the first few lessons is not as high of quality as other lessons we reviewed.

 Verdict / These video lessons are short yet informative and cover the information you need to be successful at learning the piano. If you can get past the video quality and stay self-motivated, you will enjoy these lessons. is a 30-day online piano lessons program instructed by singer and songwriter, Rachel James. You can become a member of these piano lessons online by purchasing a monthly subscription on the website. Once you become a member, you will have access to all of the training videos, audio files and printable sheet music that the website has to offer.

The first couple of lessons are an overview of the keyboard and playing practices. These first lesson videos within the 30-day program aren't of the highest video quality compared to other online lessons we reviewed. When the camera switches to show the instructor's hands on the keyboard, the lighting is dim and it becomes hard to see the left side of the keyboard.

The information within the first couple of videos covers many of the key concepts that we feel are important to succeed as a piano player, including numbering of the fingers, learning the musical alphabet and the notes and their corresponding keys. Lessons on theory, such as the staff, notes values and rests, come later on in days four, seven and eight in the lesson plan.

The video piano lessons are short – roughly ten minutes per lesson. This keeps you engaged and doesn't overwhelm you with too much information at once. The lessons are paced really well too. The flow of information keeps you progressing forward and wanting to continue on to the next lesson.

The most important factor is that these online piano lessons cover a wide variety of musical genres and have piano lessons for players of all skill levels. also provides printable sheet music for a large library of songs covering all genres from jazz to pop.

Outside of the video tutorials and the printable sheet music, these online piano lessons don't offer many other features. These lessons are not MIDI compatible, so the service doesn’t track your practice time or progress like the best online piano lessons in our lineup.

The website could use some work. We tried to enter the piano forums through the main forum button and we continually got an error message page. You also can't reach support though the support button. The helpdesk button doesn't take you anywhere either. To contact the website, you need to click on the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the webpage. This will take you to the support options, which include a FAQs section and an email forum. Visit Site

Summary provides a good foundation for beginning users, but also offers advanced lessons for strong piano players. These lessons also provide sheet music for a large variety of songs. We liked the pace of the lessons and the information provided, although the video quality isn't as sharp as other piano lessons we reviewed. However, with some self-motivation, you could benefit from taking piano lessons from Visit Site

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