Pros / The safe browser tells you which search results are safe to click on.

Cons / It creates significant slowdown to your system.

 Verdict / Panda offers decent protection for computers and mobile devices; however, it is light on extra security tools, especially for Mac computers and laptops.

Panda Dome Premium gives you access to each module for Windows, Mac and Android, plus a VPN that is compatible with PCs and Android mobile devices. We found that Panda did a decent job blocking and securing malware in both our PC and Mac in-house tests. But just because the threats were quarantined didn’t mean we were completely safe.

Ninety-seven percent of Windows malware and 72 percent of the Mac threats were captured and quarantined by Panda Dome during our in-house tests. After looking through what had been captured, we instructed Panda to remove the quarantined threats. In other computer protection programs this means the threats are permanently scrubbed from our system. Panda did this in our Mac tests. But during our Windows tests all quarantined threats were moved to the trash bin.

At first we thought this was a fluke, but after repeating the test 12 times on two different computers it was obvious it wasn’t a one-time occurance. Panda moved the threats to the trash bin every time. This isn’t a safe way to get rid of threats because it gives malware the chance to reinfect your computer. So, while the protection scores adequately reflect how well each computer protection program blocked malware from infecting our computers, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend Panda as a good security program.

Beyond virus protection, Panda Dome does include some good tools that work well. The best of these is the safe browsing feature. A Panda icon clearly displays next to search results letting you know which websites are safe to visit. Panda Dome Premium includes a vulnerability scanner that looks for outdated software where hackers and ransomware sneak in. It also has password managers and parent controls that work on both Windows and Mac computers as well as Android devices.

Panda Dome isn’t compatible with iOS cellphones or tablets. We found that Norton Security Premium and Kaspersky Total Security are both good computer protection software solutions that are compatible with iOS mobile devices.

For Android devices, Panda Dome Premium lets you block unwanted calls and has antitheft features to help you track and lock lost or stolen cellphones or tablets. You can save your contact list to Panda’s cloud storage, so even if your phone is lost or stolen, all your contacts are readily available. You get 20GB of online backup storage to save copies of files, important documents and photos from any of your devices, and accessible from any of your computers or mobile devices, too.

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Panda Dome Premium comes with modules for both Windows and Mac computers, and mobile protection that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You get 20GB of online backup storage that is shared between all devices, and parental controls for Windows and mobile machines. Panda does an OK job of finding and quarantining threats, but if you want them deleted from this folder, Panda will move them to your trash bin rather than completely scrub them from your Windows computers.

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