Pros / Intego is designed specifically for Mac computers.

Cons / The software doesn’t detect or block Windows malware found on Mac devices very well.

 Verdict / The Intego Mac Premium Bundle is effective at protecting your Mac from internet threats, including ransomware.

In our tests of Intego Virus Barrier, the antivirus program in this Mac internet security bundle, it detected 97 percent of the malware samples we attempted to infect our Mac computer with. It easily identified Trojans, spyware and worms and ensures they don’t embed themselves on your system. It also does a great job blocking aggressive ransomware. However, it didn’t do as well at detecting Windows threats, which sometimes lurk on Mac machines. While Windows malware won’t affect Macs, you can inadvertently send a threat to a Windows user through file-sharing, email messages or chat.

The Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a suite of the company’s best programs specifically designed for Mac computers, with an interface that works much like iOS. All the Mac internet security programs are in a single folder, and you can pick and choose which ones to open, install and use. You don’t have to install every software program in the bundle, but they offer the most comprehensive protection when all of them are used together. In addition to the VirusBarrier, Intego includes its NetBarrier, WashingMachine, ContentBarrier and Personal Backup programs.

NetBarrier is the personal firewall that watches your internet connection and what communications are passed between your computer and the internet. Washing Machine helps clean your computer by deleting unused programs and updating software to the latest version. Intego’s ContentBarrier contains parental controls that let you set time limits and block dangerous content for your children. And Personal Backup is a great tool for protecting sensitive files and programs online in case your computer does become infected or crashes.

One tool Intego is missing is safe browsing. This tool warns if you try to visit a site that has malicious links, downloads or phishing schemes on it. Most web browsers have this feature, but our tests of the browsers show that while their security features are impressive and helpful, there are several Mac and Windows threats that still sneak through. This is why we feel antivirus programs should include a safe browsing tool. Intego is the only Mac internet security software we tested that doesn’t include its own safe browser settings. To get this feature, we suggest looking at Norton Security Standard because it is closest to Intego’s price and includes similar protection tools.

The Intego Mac Premium Bundle is one of our top picks for the best Mac internet security software. It consistently and accurately detects Mac malware and includes extra security features, such as a personal firewall, that further protects your whole system. It also looks for vulnerabilities on your computer and helps close those gaps. The included parental control tools protect children from dangerous sites and limit the time they spend online. It isn’t as full-featured as some programs because it doesn’t have safe browsing functions and isn’t effective at detecting Windows malware on Macs.

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