Pros / Sophos offers free internet security.

Cons / It doesn’t protect mobile devices.

 Verdict / Sophos Home is a decent option for Mac internet security if you don’t need additional features beyond virus protection.

Sophos Home gives you effective protection from malware for free, and lets you extend that protection to 10 different computers or laptops. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, which makes it a viable option if you need to protect computers running different platforms. Because it is a free program, you won’t get the same advanced protection tools as other Mac internet security suites, but it does include some helpful features.

In independent tests, Sophos is average for detecting Mac malware and above average for identifying and blocking Windows viruses on Mac machines. This is important because while Windows viruses won’t harm your Apple computer, they can accidentally be sent through email and file-sharing to Windows users. Sophos protects your computer without causing too much slowdown, something we observed in our own, in-house tests.

Sophos Home also includes are USB scanning and email scanning, and it has a personal firewall to keep a close eye on what might be coming in through your internet connection. The parental controls let you filter and block content that you deem inappropriate or dangerous for your children. Sophos Home also has a safe browser so your online activity can’t be tracked.

This free program doesn’t include a vulnerability system scanner, a password manager or a gamer mode. Sophos also lacks mobile protection and safe banking tools unless you purchase a higher-tiered program. If you feel you need some of these features, consider Avast Security for Mac, which is also a free program that includes more advanced security features.

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  • Malware Detection
  • Performance Loss
  1. How well it detects and blocks Mac malware
    Higher is Better
  2. 9  Sophos
    98.4 %
  3. 1  Norton
    100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    99.38 %


Sophos Home is a budget-friendly option if you don’t mind missing out of some advanced features, such as a password manager, gamer mode, system vulnerability scans and mobile protection, that are included with paid internet security programs. However, despite being a free program, Sophos still provides very good protection against malware, plus parental controls and a personal firewall.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Privacy & Protection

Mobile Protection
Gamer Mode Enabled
Parental Controls
Safe Browser
Social Media Protection
Password Manager
Safe Banking

Scanning & Detection

Minimum Licenses
Ransomware Protection
Personal Firewall
USB Autoscans
Incoming Email Scans
Rescue CD or USB
Vulnerable Software Detection

Test Results

Mac Malware Detection
Loss of Performance
5 sec
Windows Malware Detection Ability
Above Average

Help & Support

Weekday Phone Support Hours (Eastern Time)
9am - 9pm
Weekend Phone Support Available
Live Chat