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Advanced System Optimizer 3.9 Review

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PROS / This app recovered an average of 4.5GB of storage.

CONS / On average, the graphics processing's performance dipped by 2.99 percent.

 VERDICT / Advanced System Optimizer was the worst-performing system repair app in our tests, improving our test computer by just 3.5 percent, but it cleared out the highest amount of junk files.

Developed by Systweak, Advanced System Optimizer is a suite of system repair software designed to fix issues that cause your computer to slow down. This app comes with a bevy of advanced tools: a system cleaner, game optimizer, driver updater, system protector and disk optimizer. However, it failed to impress in our tests, barely improving our test computer's performance by 3.5 percent, though it did recover 4.5GB of storage by cleaning out junk files.

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For our review of system repair software, we benchmarked the performance of our test computer using PCMark 8 to test the performance of word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing and video chat quality. Then we used every available optimization tool that Advanced System Optimizer features. This was followed by another benchmarking test so we could determine if any improvements were made to performance. We also used the startup manager to gauge the improvement of the boot-up speed. In addition, we performed diagnostic-consistency tests.

  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6 Advanced System Optimizer
  3. 12.5%
  4. 10%
  5. 9%
  6. Category Average

Following multiple rounds of testing, Advanced System Optimizer's average overall improvement to our test computer was just 3.5 percent. This was the lowest overall improvement in our tests by a significant margin. The second-lowest improvement was 6 percent. Much of the reason why its performance was so low was due to the 2.99 percent dip in graphics processing.

Disappointment aside, even the best PC system repair software in our review only recorded an overall improvement of 12.5 percent, which isn't noticeable with day-to-day usage without benchmarking software.

Advanced System Optimizer's startup optimizer only improved the boot-up speed by 6.5 percent, which was the second-lowest boot-up improvement in our tests. For reference, this would represent about four seconds if your normal boot-up speed was one minute. In contrast, the best system repair app in our review improved boot-up speed by 32.5 percent, which is almost a 20-second improvement on a one-minute boot-up. While the overall improvements aren't as noticeable, the boot-up improvements definitely are, and this app simply doesn't compare.

The best facet of the system improvement was the 4.5GB of storage it recovered by cleaning out junk files. While this doesn't sound like a lot, especially considering that many system repair apps claim to recover more storage, 4.5GB represents hundreds of high-resolution photos and thousands of documents. The average recovered storage in our tests was just 1.28GB.

Advanced System Optimizer had a diagnostic-consistency rate of 85.5 percent. We determined diagnostic consistency with a very simple test: We scanned our test computer for issues, fixed the issues, and then immediately rescanned the test PC for issues again.

If the app fixed all the issues, it shouldn't recognize any problems on the second scan. If it does diagnose issues, then the app is either unable to recognize all the issues in one scan or it's exaggerating them to make you think it's effective, which is an all-too-common feature of system repair software. This 85.5 consistency rate was based on nearly 30 total rounds of testing. In many of the rounds, it was perfect, but there were a handful of scans where it reported additional issues.

Advanced System Optimizer received an A in our ease of use evaluation, making it one of the easiest apps for a novice computer user to use. The older style interface hasn't changed in years, but it's effective and easy to navigate. One of our favorite features was the description of each feature, allowing you to know the purpose of the feature before you use it.


Systweak's Advanced System Optimizer failed to impress in our test of system repair software. It only improved our test computer by 3.5 percent, and it only improved our boot-up speed by 6.5 percent. However, it recovered more storage than any product we tested, and the diagnostic consistency, though not perfect, was above average. In addition, the interface is among the easiest to use.

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