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Advanced SystemCare PRO 9.3.0 Review

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PROS / The diagnostic consistency is very high.

CONS / Installation received a D+.

 VERDICT / Advanced SystemCare Pro failed to produce significant improvements to our test computer's overall improvement and boot-up speed. However, it's one of the most consistent apps at diagnosing and fixing issues.

Editor's Note: Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 when we next update system repair software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Advanced SystemCare Pro 9.

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Developed by Iobit, Advanced SystemCare Pro features an excellent interface, which makes tuning up your PC easy. In our tests, this app improved our slow test computer, but not nearly close to the 300 percent the company claims. Still, the overall improvement to our test computer was above average when compared to other system repair software. It's also among the most consistent apps at diagnosing and fixing issues.

  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7 Advanced SystemCare PRO
  3. 12.5%
  4. 10%
  5. 9%
  6. Category Average

For our review of PC system repair software, we started by benchmarking the performance of a Top Ten Reviews' test computer using PCMark 8. Then we optimized the computer with Advanced SystemCare Pro using every available tool, which was followed by another benchmarking of the performance so that we could compare the results.

The PCMark 8 tests looked at word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed and video chat quality. We also tested the startup manager to gauge any improvements to the boot-up speed. Finally, we ran diagnostic consistency tests.

After all of our tests, Advanced SystemCare Pro improved the performance of our test computer by an average of 9 percent. This was above average, but only just. It improved data and word processing by 6.78 percent, but every other facet of performance was minimal. In comparison, the best PC system repair app in our tests only improved performance by 12.5 percent, which isn't noticeable without benchmarking software. In other words, whether you're using the best system repair software in our review or this app, you're not likely going to notice a boost to your PC speed.

The startup optimizer improved the boot-up speed by 10.5 percent. While this improvement is more noticeable than the overall improvement, it's not very impressive when you consider the best system repair app improved boot-up speed 32.5 percent. For reference, a 10.5 percent improvement on a computer that takes one minute to boot up is a little over six seconds while a 32.5 percent improvement is almost 20 seconds.

One of the best features of Advanced SystemCare Pro is the diagnostic consistency: It got a 99 percent score, which means it rarely found additional errors after it had just scanned and fixed previous errors.

We determined this score by scanning our test computer, fixing all the issues that the app diagnosed and then rescanning the computer. We performed this process nearly 30 times during each round of testing. A high diagnostic consistency score is an indication that the app does what it says: It diagnoses issues and fixes them. Unfortunately, many system repair apps either exaggerate the diagnostic results or simply miss a lot of issues.

For ease of use, the app received an A. The interface is very interactive, uncluttered and easy to follow. You can easily run optimizations with one click while still diving into the advanced tools for deeper optimizations.

The installation, however, is a significant flaw, receiving a D+ for ease of installation. When we were installing this app, it automatically installed free versions of Iobit's other software: Uninstaller, Driver Booster and Malware Fighter. These superfluous apps are resource hogs with active and aggressive widgets that are difficult to close and remove. The widgets relentlessly interrupt your work to inform you of unnecessary issues.


Advanced SystemCare Pro is an easy-to-use PC repair tool, but the improvements made to our test computer's overall performance and boot-up speed were minimal. The overall performance improved by just 9 percent while the boot-up speed improved by just 10.5 percent. On a positive note, the diagnostic consistency was impressive with a 99 percent consistency rate.

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