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Zemana AntiLogger Review

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PROS / Zemana is compatible with all Windows-based operating systems and most security software. It blocks all types of keyloggers, including purposely installed keylogger software and in-the-wild keylogger malware.

CONS / This anti-keylogger is not compatible with Agnitum, GFI or eSafe security products.

 VERDICT / Zemana AntiLogger aggressively combats keyloggers of all types. Using this anti-keylogger software, you can secure your financial information and keep your personal life private.

Zemana AntiLogger excels at fighting the most malicious type of keyloggers – financial malware. Financial malware's sole purpose is to obtain your logins, passwords, credit card numbers and banking information, as well as valuable accounts such as stock trading accounts. Once that information is obtained, it is often sold to the highest bidder. Using our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winning anti-keylogger software, you can thwart malicious keyloggers and maintain your privacy.

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This anti-keylogger also includes a unique technology called IntelliGuard. While most anti-keyloggers rely on known malware definitions and behavioral analysis of suspicious-acting elements, Zemana includes IntelliGuard, which is a cloud-based, always-up-to-date technology that stays abreast of the newest keylogging malware. It scans for threats using 40 malware databases to keep your computer and privacy secure. The software also includes tools to secure the hardware elements of your PC or laptop, such as the webcam and microphone.

Keylogger Protection

This keylogger protection software battles all types of keyloggers, including those that obtain your personal information from the clipboard. It also blocks the technologies people use to turn on your webcam to spy on you and the applications that record from your microphone to gather private VoIP conversations. Many anti-keyloggers use virtual keyboards in an attempt to circumvent keyloggers; however, screen-capturing malware can obtain passwords using this method. Zemana can identify and block screen-capturing malware.

Zemana also has the ability to combat stealth malware that attempts to alter your system. This anti-keylogger actively monitors things such as rootkit installations, thread context, physical memory access, hooks, remote threads, DLL injections, kernel driver loading and system registry modifications. If the software notices anything suspicious, it will ask you if the process is something you purposely want to allow access. It can also identify purposely installed spyware or keylogger software. Keylogging or spyware software is often intentionally installed by suspicious loved ones or curious associates. Sometimes it is used to steal passwords, and other times to verify doubts. Zemana can discover and block this type of software to keep your private life private.

While turning on your webcam may not be able to steal your passwords, it is a critical threat to block. Zemana is one of the first anti-keylogging software to provide protection against this type of malware. Sadly, this type of threat does exist, and unsuspecting PC users – and even children – have been monitored and spied on. We recommend that you cover the camera when it's not in use and that you use a product such as Zemana to block access. Zemana can keep your private video conversations truly private.

Security Features

Beyond detecting and blocking keyloggers, Zemana includes a few additional features to help you secure your privacy and manage how the software works. To keep others from disabling or altering Zemana, you can password protect the software. To speed routine processes along, you can manage allow and deny lists. Once a process is added to a list, the software will remember it and act automatically in subsequent occurrences. The only missing tool is a virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboards are helpful if the physical keyboard has been compromised.


Since Zemana is intended to add an additional layer of protection rather than replace antivirus software, it has been extensively tested for compatibility with popular security software. Unlike most software vendors that claim their software is compatible with most security software, Zemana actually publishes a list of the software it has tested AntiLogger with. Zemana has been tested while running with nearly 50 security products and has been proven to successfully work with Trend Micro, Webroot, Kaspersky, ESET, AVG, Bitdefender, F-Secure and Avast. Compatibility tests were run using Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, both the 32- and 64-bit versions. AntiLogger is even compatible with the keystroke encryption software KeyScrambler. AntiLogger only requires 50MB of disk space and 256MB of memory to run.


Zemana can successfully block financial malware, in-the-wild keyloggers, installed keylogger software and hardware access. It works with most major security products and runs on all Windows-based operating systems, including 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and 8. This anti-keylogger software is at the top of its game and is one of the best keylogger protection applications on the market.

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