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Bitdefender Mobile Security Review

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Bitdefender Mobile Security is mobile antivirus software from an internet security company that consistently wins security tests with its Windows versions. The feature list is strong, however, there are no antispam components and no online data backup.

Bitdefender can identify malware in old and new apps. It scans apps before you download them onto your phone and alerts you of any potential threats within the platforms. Almost more important than the excellent antimalware capabilities of Bitdefender Mobile Security is its ability to let you browse safely and not fall prey to phishing attempts and websites known to be dangerous.

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As you focus on the dangers from viruses, worms and phishing attempts, remember that a mobile phone is liable to be lost or stolen, which represents another security threat. To minimize the potential damage, Bitdefender includes useful anti-theft features. If you lose the phone somewhere in your house, you can trigger an alarm so it reveals its location. But if someone takes it, you can use a web interface to wipe your data from the phone and lock it. Or you can program it to lock the phone when the thief installs a new SIM.

There are quite a few features you will not find bundled in Bitdefender's antivirus mobile security app. There are no antispam features, so you cannot block unwanted callers or message senders. It does not filter messages or email for content that you want to avoid. There is no support for any kind of encryption. There is no utility to back up personal data locally or remotely.

Bitdefender mobile security solution uses the Android user interface conventions to good effect. There is more to usability, however, than simple look and feel. Another usability consideration is the effect of the software on your phone's performance. AV-Test, a third-party company, reports that Bitdefender does not drain the battery. Also, it does not slow down a cell phone during normal usage, nor does it generate too much traffic in the course of its operation.

Your smartphone is really a handheld computer, which means it needs the same type of protection your computer requires. Bitdefender Mobile Security is a protector against viruses that can be spread through internet downloads, emails, text or media messages and through Bluetooth connectivity. This security software offers firewall protection. Firewall protection places a type of barrier around the ports where information comes in and leaves the device.

This mobile security software offers an adequate assortment of features. This includes the ability to perform a remote wipe. You can wipe all your contacts, photos, emails, text or media messages and other important documents stored on the device. This feature is ideal if your phone is lost or stolen. You can clear all information to ensure none of it gets placed in the wrong hands.

Parental control is another feature available on the Bitdefender Mobile Security software. This feature allows you to keep an eye on your child and their internet activity on their smartphone, along with their phone call history. You can also monitor the text messages being sent to and from the cell phone.

Bitdefender Mobile Security lets you run a scan to check for any malware on the device. You can set up scans to check the entire device, just the internal memory or the memory card. If any suspicious or infected files are found, this mobile security software works quickly to eliminate the files.

This mobile security software can be installed directly to your cell phone or through the computer. When using a computer, you download the software and sync your smartphone to the PC. If you need help, you can access the online knowledgebase. However, there is no contact information, like a phone number or email address, where you can directly reach out to support.

Bitdefender Mobile Security protects against malware and phishing attempts. You can control what happens when you lose your phone through neglect, theft or burglary. You won't be able to block unwanted calls and messages. You won't be able to back up personal data or exercise parental controls. Nevertheless, if you can do without some missing features, Bitdefender's mobile virus protection is trustworthy.

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